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A Tribute to Our Exemplary Leader: Warm Birthday Wishes from the Proud People of Wase Federal Constituency to Rt Hon Ahmed Idris Wase CON.


Haruna Tambari

Dear Rt Hon Ahmed Idris Wase CON,

On behalf of the proud people of Wase federal constituency, we wish you a very happy birthday! As our esteemed representative in the National Assembly and Chairman of the House Committee on Federal Character, you have been a tireless advocate for our community and a steadfast voice for justice and equity at the highest levels of government.

Through your steadfast leadership and unwavering commitment to public service, you have secured critical investments and development projects that have uplifted the lives of countless families in Wase. From improving access to quality healthcare and education, to driving infrastructure development and job creation, your impact on our constituency has been truly transformative.

But beyond your impressive legislative accomplishments, it is your humble spirit, compassionate nature, and deep connection to our people that we admire most. You have always made time to listen to our concerns, champion our cause, and deliver tangible results that have made a real difference in our daily lives.

As you celebrate another year, we are filled with immense gratitude for your dedicated service and bold vision for a more prosperous and equitable Nigeria. May this birthday usher in a new chapter of continued success, robust health, and even greater impact in the years to come.

Once again, happy birthday Rt Hon Ahmed Idris Wase CON! May God bless you and may God continue to bless the great people of Wase federal constituency.

The Proud Constituents of Wase Federal Constituency


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