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Breaking News: Pointblank News Blog (www.pointblank.com.ng) Introduces POINT-BLANK INTERACTIVE SESSION As An Intermediary Between The Government And The Citizens Featuring Arc Hart Bank, GM, JMDB On The Maiden Edition


The evolution of digital technology has assisted the development of various online platforms, serving as intermediaries that connect governments and their citizens in an unrestricted open dialogue. Leveraging on this, Pointblank News Blog seeks to serve as a conduit that facilitates interaction between the government and the citizens with the introduction of POINT-BLANK INTERACTIVE SESSION every Sunday and Wednesday by 8pm on www.pointblank.com.ng whatsApp platform https://chat.whatsapp.com/EvTwECjz3T5IFRDD7yc7WC.

Interactive Session Tagged: POINT BLANK INTERACTIVE SESSION is an intriguing and engaging session that seeks to unravel without fear the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats faced by Ministries, Departments and Agencies and the visions of the Chief Executives towards ensuring leaving endearing legacies

Come this Sunday, 17th March, 2024, by 8pm Arc Hart Bankat, General Manager, Jos Metropolitan Development Board, JMDB shall be our guest on Pointblank WhatsApp group

Arc Hart Bankat, renowned for sustainable design has a bold vision that is deeply rooted in pragmatism anchored on untiring dedication to revolutionize infrastructural development and sustainability in Jos at the heart of his agenda

Public discourse is a dynamic module in every democratic governance structure. With digital transformation, civilization has witnessed an evolution in the way information is shared. The Pointblank News Blog, a leading example of this evolution, serves as a major platform that ensures crystal clear information are exchanged between the government and the people.

Eessentially, Pointblank News Blog’s core philosophy is the promotion of transparency and accountability. The site has a hard-earned status for publishing government information, news, and policies to the general public without partiality. In doing this, Pointblank News Blog ensures that the populace’s misunderstanding and misinterpretation of government policies and purposes are reduced to the barest minimum. We promote a knowledgeable citizenry and also assist the government in delivery direct and unfiltered opinion from the public on its programmes and activities.

One of the crucial ways Pointblank News Blog manages to serve as an effective midwife is through the scrutiny of policies and principles. It regularly provides in-depth explanations into the possible impacts of government policies on the general public, in so doing promotes critical thinking in the citizenry and encouraging them to ask questions and demand clarity.

Furthermore, Pointblank News Blog has the prospect to raise responsiveness among government institutions. The feedback and reactions received through the platform deliver a kind of performance assessment that is critical for any democratic government seeking to increase its efficiency.

Will Arc Hart Bankat also confront and arrest the spade of incessant crashes of trucks on the Gada Biu flyover? What are the radical plans for a sustainable urban development that should ensure growth while maintaining environmental harmony? These and many more questions shall be responded to by Arc Hart Bankat, GM, JMDB  tomorrow as he unleashes his approaches, tactics and strategies towards leaving an endearing legacy on Pointblank WhatsApp grouphttps://chat.whatsapp.com/EvTwECjz3T5IFRDD7yc7WC


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