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Celebrating One Year of Transformative Leadership.


On behalf of myself, my family, and the welcoming people of Langtang North and South, I extend heartfelt congratulations to His Excellency, Barr Caleb Manasseh Mutfwang, the Executive Governor of Plateau State, his Deputy, Mrs. Ngo Josephine Piyo, the Secretary to the Government of Plateau State Arch. Samuel Jatau, and the entire government and people of Plateau State, as we mark the first anniversary of a remarkable and transformative administration.

We commend your outstanding leadership and the concerted efforts to enhance Plateau State’s image through various initiatives. These include clearing the backlog of salaries, constructing roads, improving transportation, enhancing the well-being of citizens, appointing young professionals and experts to government positions, creating employment opportunities, distributing fertilizers to farmers, maintaining the Jos master plan, decongesting the Jos main market, and cleaning the Jos metropolis and its surrounding areas. Your dedication to protecting the interests of the people of Plateau State is evident in these significant strides.

The people of Langtang North and South stand with you in recognizing and celebrating the substantial progress made within just one year in office. We are optimistic about the future and believe that even greater achievements are on the horizon, promising a better and happier life for the people of Plateau State before the end of your tenure.

As we join in this celebration, please be assured of our unreserved support and loyalty. We urge you to continue focusing on improving the lives of the grassroots population by extending the development witnessed in urban areas to rural regions as well.

Congratulations once again, Your Excellency, our People’s Governor and the leader of “The Time Is Now.”

Please accept our highest regards and best wishes.

Hon. Nanfa Alhassan Nbin
PDP STALWART Langtang North & South Federal Constituency, Plateau State.


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