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Former PDP Aspirant For Langtang North Central Constituency In The 2023 General Elections, Bar Kargwak Zitta Calls For Political Reconciliation, Appeal and Apology To An Icon Of The Nation, Gen JT Useni.


In the heat of the 2020 People’s Democratic Party (PDP) congresses, conflict of interest and struggle for the control of the soul of the party commonly associated with partisan politics arose within the PDP. In Tarokland, two notable power houses within the PDP namely; Sen JT Useni and Hon Beni Butmak Lar’s camps went at each other’s throat, generating a serious political snag within the party betraying the long held traditional norm of total respect between father and daughter.

This did not only caused irreconcilable differences but undermined the unity and cohesion PDP enjoyed with the ignition of internal discord culminating in a legal tussle that would soon go on to consume the State and Federal Legislators elected on the platform of the party in the State.

Governor Caleb Manasseh Mutfwang’s right of appeal to the apex court turned out to be a divine decision by the drafters of the 1999 constitution that saved him, because just like the legislators, he was axed too by the Court of Appeal

On Friday, 8th March, 2024, the media was inundated with the pictures of Hon Beni Butmak Lar kneeling down before the same elder statesman she has denigrated and disrespected for the past four years. Her mission was however, exemplary and worthy of commendation. She went to seek for her “father’s forgiveness”. Flanked by her mother’s biological sister, Mrs Esther Domkat Bali, wife of late General Domkat Ya Bali, the late Ponzhi Tarok, Hon Beni Lar was beaming with smiles and satisfaction having gotten genuine forgiveness from her ‘father’, Sen JT Useni.

Humble Hon Beni Lar kneels before Sen JT Useni seeking for forgiveness

While many political pundits received this with mixed feelings, in view of the fact that she had towed the same path in 2020 only to turn back and hit the elder statesman harder politically, the naysayers said it’s a periodic potent political strategy only utilized at the verge of party congresses. While many, including www.pointblank.com.ng feels reconciliation for the development of the people was more important than massaging ego.

Following in the footsteps of Hon Beni Lar to offer public apology to the former FCT Minister is a staunch supporter of Hon Lar and an aspirant to the Langtang North Central Constituency in the 2023 general elections, Barr Kargwak Zitta

Barr Kargwak Zitta, 2023 PDP Aspirant for the Langtang North Central Constituency

Speaking to www.pointblank.com.ng in Jos on Sunday, 10 March 2024, Barr Zitta said “I wish to highly commend the former honourable member, representing Langtang North and South Federal Constituency, Hon Beni Butmak Lar for her humility and her respect for elders which suddenly resurfaces and she suddenly realizes that in the last congress, she disrespected a senior statesman in person of General JT Useni”.

He continued with his commendation of Hon Lar that “I commend her highly for taking this very noble position and I applaud Gen JT Useni for his fatherly love and magnanimity, kind heart in quickly forgiving her. May the good Lord grants Baba JT Useni long life, good health and a sound mind as he directs the affairs of our dear nation, the Tarok nation and Plateau State at large”.

Hon Beni B. Lar posed in a group picture at Sen Useni residence

The young aspirant, however, in a twist of tune while maintaining decorum held that “I also call on Gen. Useni to grant some of us the youth who in our ignorant position supported the disrespect championed by Beni Lar to his personality. Any youth who sided with Beni Lar on her political voyage which she went to apologize for should also find a way to Abuja to apologize to ‘Baba Mai Tuwo’ for siding with her”.

He continued with a clarion call to his fellow youths that “since she (Beni Lar) herself has found it necessary now to apologize, I call on all the youth who supported her during that period of disrespect and dishonour to the statesman to please look for the next available vehicle and go to Gen Useni’s residence in Abuja and apologize”.

In a point-blank admittance of his guilt to www.pointblank.com.ng, Barr Zitta confessed that “I am one of such youth and I am going to find my way there and apologize profusely to avoid the anger of this elder statesman. This is my humble position.

“All along we never knew that Hon Beni Lar was on the side of error until she went to apologize. I emphasize again that all the youth of Tarok nation of Langtang North and South constituency, who disrespectfully denigrate the name of Lt General Distinguished Senator JT Useni, the Sarduna Plateau and Nasarawa States to quickly go and apologize, not just Beni Lar”

He tendered an unreserved apology to the father figure “I want to use this medium to wholeheartedly apologize for my ignoble role of blindly queuing behind Hon Beni Lar to disrespect the elder statesman. Baba please find a place in your heart to forgive me just like the biblical prodigal son. Thank you Baba and God bless Baba”

Recognizing the wisdom in Sen Useni’s decisions and declaring absolute confidence in his leadership recruitment processes, Zitta meekly pledged that “I want to assure Baba that going forward, I will listen to his voice on who he will anoint for us as a member House of Representatives. Never again shall we go back to Egypt”.

He undertook to campaign for the aspirant Useni will endorse saying “whosoever Baba anoints for us, I will call on all Tarok electorates based on what Baba has done to our nation to overwhelmingly listen to the voice of Baba as to who will represent us in the years ahead”

The apology and appeal from the young aspirant symbolizes a paradigm shift in our political dome, predominantly in the PDP. The apology and consequent appeal on other youths to partake in respectful partisan discourse epitomizes a noteworthy change in the political conduct of younger party followers and sets an example for political maturity and humility. The victory and advancement of every political party, and indeed relies heavily on such core principles and political alignment

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