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Governor Mutfwang’s One Year In Office Dwarfed The 8 Calamitous Years Of Lalong Though ‘Winner-Takes-All’ Mentality, HoA Crisis And Insecurity Stained The Administration – Dalung


The relationship between good governance and infrastructural transformation is a topic that has garnered considerable attention within political discourse, particularly in the context of developing nations striving towards sustainable development.

The first year in office for any political figure is critical for setting a precedent and laying the foundation for future achievements. It is within this period that constituents and political analysts alike closely observe the elected official’s commitment to their promises, integrity, and ability to effect substantive change

Evaluating the Cheers and Tears of the First Anniversary of Governor Caleb Manasseh Mutfwang in office on Thursday, 30 May 2024 as the 20th Guest on Pointblank News Interactive Session, Nigeria’s former Minister of Youth and Sports Development, Barr Solomon Selcap Dalung berated the State Chapter of the main opposition’s party, the APC for tagging Mutfwang’s administration a failure.

He said “for their statement in the state, it is expected because Governor Mutfwang’s one year in office, dwarfted the 8 calamitious years of Lalong so you expect that reaction of a show of shame so that they can distract and divert the attention of the people from the reality”

“Even though Mutfwang’s performance far outweighed what the (APC) has done in the past 8 years, we will still expect him (Mutfwang) to have done more compared to the performances of other governors of one year in office. But you know in the country of the blind, one eyed man is automatically the king”.

Dalung added that “Mutfwang’s government has performed above average taking into consideration the circumstances the government found itself like the protracted election proceedings, inherited huge debt burden though this is not an excuse to me. But his ability to provide leadership, the mass transformation of road networks, honest commitment and transparency in administering palliatives, the provision of farming inputs for agricultural sector etc are the administration’s cheers”

He however, highlighted the complex interplay of development and democracy where the true art of governance lies, and where the future of Gov Mutfwang’s administration will be ultimately measured not only by the massive infrastructural developments but by the paths paved for justice, all inclusiveness in governance and equality to thrive alongside progress

“Even though the government provided fertlizers, there were shameless party supporters who sold the fertilizers in the market with the branded picture of the governor, meaning that the difference between APC and PDP is the position you find yourself because the party faithfuls betrayed the sincere commitment of the governor in distribution of fertilizers”

“This shouldn’t have been restricted to PDP members because he is a governor of Plateau State not PDP and is not only PDP members that are farmers so where is the pallaiatives and fertilizers of those in the opposition party?

While infrastructure blooms, the administration’s cabinet members inexperienced casts a dark shadow over its radiance. The former Langtang South Chairman said “The governor is determined to transform the state but his major challenge is that he formed a cabinet with so many inexperienced people who lack requisite experience of an all inclusive administration. Though dominated by young people which is very encouraging, they however view governance as an exclusive party affair which is a stain on Mutfwang’s administration”

He accused the cabinet members of “behaving like the APC at the National level. They feel is their turn to be in power so the governor must take everyone along in the distribution of dividends of democracy not just through mere statements against what appears to be an exclusive reserve of the PDP members”

“The governor also has to do more in dealing with the security situation on the Plateau. He hasn’t done enough though he has set up a security committee which to me is very controversial because it doesn’t have fair representation and it generated a lot of reactions across the country and even internationally. This lack of fair representation painted Plateau people as if there is a hidden agenda in terms of security on the Plateau”.

“Since he came in on 29th May, 2023, the killings have continued unabated so what he needs to do is to approach the issue of security frontally. He should engage the stakeholders, improve on intelligence gathering and mobilize the citizens to see security as their personal responsibility. So in terms of security, he hasn’t done much”

The way forward necessitates a robust public engagement. “The governor must stop relying on the Federal Government to curb insecurity in the state. He must think outside the box and proffer solutions. Operation Rainbows must function beyond parking their vehicles at strategic locations like signages to effectively generating date and monitoring the communities”

A judicious government must marry the twin pursuits of development and legal integrity to create a harmonious society founded on principles of justice and progress. “Gov Mutfwang’s administration, inability to manage the crisis that rocked the State House of Assembly as one of the equilibriums to foster enduring prosperity founded on the bedrock of true democracy.is a stain on the Mutfwang’s administration”


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