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Govt Teachers College Old Students Association Langtang Celebrate Timkat Nanmak Peter, An Epitome of Professional Excellence


When the fruits of educational institutions blossom into tangible achievements that do not only elevate the individual but also bring pride to their alma mater, it is described as a ‘rare and delightful’ manifestation.

Government Teachers College Langtang Old Students Association (GTCLOSA) in a  statement on Monday, 20th May, 2024 signed by Selbol Yah Lashal, Acting Secretary of the association, made the declaration in honour of Timkat Nanmak Peter upon his induction as a Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN)

The Association in celebrating academic and professional successes achieved by their Publicity Secretary said “raised by the nurturing soil of the Government Teachers College Langtang, Timkat Nanmak Peter embarked on a rigorous journey towards professional distinction. The college’s commitment to academic excellence equipped him with the necessary tools to face the challenges of higher education and subsequent professional examinations”

“The achievement is not only a personal victory for Comrade Timkat Nanmak Peter but also an inspiring milestone for GTCLOSA, the community, and the field of accountancy”.

“The induction of the International Economic and Freedom Fighter into ICAN is a proof to his dedication, hard work, and an unyielding pursuit of academic and professional excellence”

“As a member of a Nigeria’s elite group of accountancy professionals, Peter has placed the name of Government Teachers College Langtang at the peak of professional ladder”

“The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria play a pivotal role in setting and maintaining high standards within the profession, and becoming a member is an achievement worthy of celebration”,

Lahsal in the statement made available to www.pointblank.com.ng, concluded that “as a freedom fighter, the professional attainment has further positioned and equipped Peter to fight societal ills and make informed decisions on polices and principles that have direct bearing on the lives of the people. We wish our dear Publicity Secretary long life and postering as he pops champagne in celebration of this rare feat”


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