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Hon Dan Kungmi Demonstrates Yet Again, An Uncommon Leadership, Inaugurate Assessment and Rehabilitation Committee For The Fungyallang And Ponglong Communal Clash


Hon Dan Kungmi, the Chairman, Transition Implementation Committee of Mikang Local Government who is generally known for unprecedented service to humanity hinged on empathy and sympathy with exceptional passion, devoid of any form of sentiments has again reaffirmed his status as a compassionate leader and a symbol of peace on Thursday, 4th April, 2024 when he inaugurated the Committee on Assessment and Rehabilitation of the Victims of the recent communal clash between his people of Ponglong and the neighbouring Tarok people of Fungyallang, Langtang North

In a press statement on Thursday, 04 April 2024 signed by Prince Pilgani Jimwang, the Director of Social Services, he quoted the workaholic and peace loving Chairman as saying “the communal clash between Ponglong and Fungyallang is a tragic reminder of the consequences of intolerance and misunderstanding. It has resulted in loss of lives, destruction of property, and deep-seated animosity between the two communities.

Hon Dan Kungmi, TIC Chairman, Mikang Local Government Inaugurating The Committee For The Assessment And Rehabilitation Of The Recent Communal Clash That Caused Devastation And Suffering In Ponglong Community Of Mikang And Fungyallang Community Of Langtang North.

“The need for peaceful coexistence through reconciliation at a crucial time like this when tensions are high due to mutual suspicion is supreme.

Hon Dan Kungmi stressed that “the path to peace and progress lies in fostering good relations with neighboring communities because no community survives in total isolation. Let me reiterate again that violence and conflict are not answers to contending issues, instead dialogue is”.

Challenging the Committee of the Task ahead, Hon Kungmi noted that “reconciliation is not an easy process, but it is necessary for healing and moving forward. It requires humility, forgiveness, and a willingness to listen and understand the grievances of the other party. It also requires a commitment to building bridges and finding common ground for peaceful coexistence”.

The committee which is headed by Hon Isa Kongwai while Dakos David Shehu is to serve as the Secretary. Other members are Dakup Hygenus Danladi, Victor Tsenyil,Jerry Dapyen and John Donglam

Chairman of the committee giving an acceptance remark

According to www.pointblank.com.ng, also included as members include: John Donglam, Heart Biangten while the security agencies are represented by the DPO, Mikang Police Division, Officer-in-charge DSS Mikang, STF Base Commander, Mikang and Commander Hunters Group, Mikang. The committee is to submit it reports on the 18th April, 2024, exactly two weeks from the inauguration.

Stressing the terms of reference of the committee, Hon Kungmi said “there is no gain stating that the recent communal clash in Mikang Local Government has left a trail of destruction, loss of lives, and displacement of families. The impact of this conflict on the community cannot be overemphasized, so therefore, the committee will play a critical role in conducting a thorough assessment of the damages caused by the conflict, identifying the needs of the affected individuals and families, and developing a comprehensive plan for their rehabilitation and recovery. The committee must ensure that it works hand in hand with the community and religious leaders, our respected traditional and youth leaders with the view to arriving at a coordinated and inclusive approach to addressing the aftermath of the conflict.

Pointblank.com.ng can authoratively reports that since the communal clash that reportedly claimed 8 lives leaving over 30 injured with property worth millions of naira destroyed, Hon Kungmi who is undoubtedly one of the best performing TIC Chairmen in the State has mobilized support from State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) and facilitated logistics and transportation of all the assistance SEMA provided to Mikang.

A grassroots mobilizer and a lover of his people, Hon Kungmi has been on ground mobilizing and receiving support for the IDPs. Kungmi believes that the better image of a community is created from the inside and not outside, hence his practical show of love where he has stayed put with his people unlike the practice of galavanting in the urban city centre like most politicians do  


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