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How To Make PLASU, Secondary And Primary Schools Safe And Secured For Learning… Former Provost Federal College of Education Pankshin


A renowned administrator, educationist and immediate past Provost of Federal College of Education, Pankshin, Dr Amos Bulus Cirfat has suggested possible ways to ensure the safety and security of Students and Staff of the Plateau State University, Bokkos. The former Provost also recommended ways to stop school children kidnapping that has become rampant in the northern part of the country as primary and secondary schools resumed across the country on Monday, this week

Responding to a wide range of questions bothering on education as the 13th Guest on the Prominent POINTBLANK NEWS BLOG INTERACTIVE SESSION, on Thursday, 25 April, 2024, Dr Cirfat decried the spate of deteriorating security challenge and expressed concerns over the implications of it on the future of education in the country

He nevertheless said there is no one-model-fit-all strategy that can curb security threats around schools. He acknowledged that different approaches and tactics are needed based on peculiarities of the schools. “Since the education system is in strata of primary, secondary and tertiary, the approach varies depending on the status of the school”.

“However, if we are starting from the primary level; we will maintain that all owners of school should ensure that the schools are fenced with a good gate to be manned by experienced civil security personnel. The children can be taught to always report any unnecessary movement toward them and anybody and they can also be advised not to take any gift from anybody in the school compound. Caregivers details should be made available for any reference” He said.

On the current trend of displaying school children names on their uniforms which kidnappers usually capiatilize on to kidnap without any resistance from the children, www.pointblank.com.ng reliably gathers that kidnappers call out names written on children uniforms and as children, they run to such a person without a second thought thinking it is their relatives which makes it even harder for the school security to question the disguised kidnapper, Dr Cirfat cautioned that “that anyone calling them by their names they should not response. Only their teachers and caregivers as the name written on the uniform is for identification and visitors should be properly checked for identification at the school gate before coming into the school premises”

Proposing ways to better secure Plateau State University, Bokkos, the accomplished scholar said “what happened in Plateau State University is very unfortunate, it calls for overhauling of the security architecture of the university”.

The former Plateau State Science Teachers Association of Nigeria (STAN) Chairman and National President of the Association in proffering lasting solution to the security challenges to enable students study in a conducive environment without fear of the unknown rolled out some expert’s steps to be taken. “I suggest that (I) Security surveillance tower be built in the university premises and (II) employment of experience and well trained security personnel, also to (III) create university and community security surveillance team, (IV) the procurement of security gadgets to be used like mounting of CCTV camaras and (VI) others. (VII) Armed personnel should be always on patrol to safeguard the place”

The scholar’s suggestions follow last week’s attack on the school that left several students dead and others injured. Plateau State University Bokkos Students, Staff and host community live in perpetual fear of unknown gunmen who attack the school with Impunity without any reasonable resistance from security agencies


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