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Muslim Community Hails Muftwang’s for Massive Transformation.


By Rabiu Ali (Minister)

Muslim community on Tuesday, 21st May, 2024 gave the Governor Muftwang-led government a pat on the back for its socio-economic infrastructural development within its community in the state.

The Muslim faithful commended the governor during the tour of some of the project executed and those under constructions within its domain.

Sheikh Malam Harisu, noted that Muslims in the state must be grateful to the Governor for carrying them along in the scheme of things.

According to him, apart from the governor’s good works that are visible for all to see, he has also done a lot to make Muslims in the state happy.

“It is on record that the majority of us did not vote for the governor but his first project was sighted in our community, he also appointed our son as a commissioner. He has equally sponsored 540 out of 1232 pilgrims and approved funds for the settlement of backlong funds and a procurement of a bus for the board.

It is during the present government of Caleb Manasseh Muftwang that the Muslim community witness alot human and capital development such as roads among others.

Hamza, a resident of Jos South said that massive infrastructural transformation including demolitions taking place in some part of Bukuru such as Kugiya market is for the benefit of all.

He disclaimed the rumours going round that the Governor muftwang didn’t mean well for the people, that semblance of such transformation has taking place in Jos Terminus Market and we can see how the place is decongested now and people are moving around freely and carrying out thier commercial activities.

He call on the leadership and cattle traders in kara market to be law abiding and support the governor’s transformation policy and move to the new space provided to them by the government.

Bashiru Kadiri a resident of Jos North said that the last time our community witness a massive project like this was during J.D Gomwalk of the blessed memory. But Muftwang led administration is continuing from where Gomwalk stopped and even beyond.

Even our parents laying in their graves, will be be happy fully knowing that alot of changes took place from where they left the state. He added.

He said that the massive transformation taking place would go a long way in boosting the state’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and internal revenue.

That the peace loving governor need our prayers and support. He added.


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