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“Nzem Berom: Cultural Celebrations Are The Significant Mediums Of Preserving And Promoting Our Varied Heritage” Arc Samuel Nanchang Jatau, FNIA


Arc Samuel Nanchang Jatau, FNIA, the Secretary to the Government of Plateau State on Thursday, 16th May, 2024 described Cultural Celebrations as the fabric that weaves through the textile of society, enriching it with variety, colour, and texture. “They are not merely a means of rejoicing but are also significant mediums of preserving and promoting the varied heritage that our world has to offer”.

The government’s scribe made the declaration in a message commemorating the auspious Nzem Berom festival, a cherished Cultural Day celebration of the Berom people. Sheduled to climax on Friday, 17th May, 2024 at the Rwang Pam Township Stadium, Jos, Jatau said “Nzem Berom is one such occasion that stands as a tribute to the richness of Nigerian cultural diversity pivotal in the reinforcement of cultural identity and communal unity”.

Arc Jatau extended his felicitations to the Berom people, and further underscored the signifance of the mother of all cultural days on the Plateau saying “Nzem Berom serves as a calendar event that marks the beginning of a new agricultural cycle, celebrating the earth and its bounties”.

“This celebration is characterized by invigorating music, traditional dances, and a grand display of the Berom people’s attire, cuisine, and ancient crafts. The festival also holds profound historic significance, as it is a time when the Berom recount their journey, their struggles, and their survival, ensuring that the younger generations are steeped in their ancestry’s pride and lessons”.

In his message, Arc Samuel Nanchang Jatau reiterates the importance of such indigenous celebration, recognizing the Nzem Berom as a sturdy bridge connecting the present to the past and paving the way for a future where cultural identity remains unadulterated amidst globalization.

The message reads in part “In an era marked by rapid globalization and cultural amalgamation, it is imperative that the Berom nation remain grounded in their unique cultural experiences while embracing the richness that such diversity brings to the nation’s collective heritage. The Nzem Berom celebration is not just a day for the Berom, but a beacon for Nigeria and the world, signifying that in embracing our roots, we find the strength to grow and flourish together”.

“As the Berom people gather in celebration, they extend an invitation to the world to partake in their legacy – a gesture that strengthens the bonds of humanity and illuminates the path towards a harmonious and prosperous future for all, on behalf of myself, friends, family and indeed the Time Is Now Mantra, I sincerely wish His Royal Majesty, Da Jacob Gyang Buba, President, Plateau State Council of Chiefs and Emirs, Berom Cultural Organization, BECO and the entire Berom people a hitch free celebration. Shou’in de jogo!”.


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