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PEPSA to deploy global standard method to convert waste to wealth as DG assures of Agency’s total coverage of the State amidst calls for collaborations and partnerships


In the quest to maintain a clean and sustainable ecosystem, the Plateau Environmental Protection and Sanitation Agency (PEPSA) has pledged to employ global standard practices similar to the ones adopted in Abuja and other modern cities of the world. The innovative move aims to successfully convert waste into wealth, thus systematically paving the way toward a sustainable environment, while also fostering economic growth. The Director-General, Hon Samuel Nathaniel Dapiya stated this in the late hours of Wednesday, 20th March, 2024 when he featured as a guest on the 2nd Edition of POINTBLANK NEWS BLOG INTERRACTIVE SESSION.  

The vibrant graduate of Industrial Chemistry from the famous University of Jos while responding to question on conversion of waste to wealth said “We want to revisit and introduce Waste Management Education from the primary schools. There are states we intend to use as models of conversion of waste to wealth and we are visiting them to seek areas of interest and expertise to achieve what they did or even surpass them” 

The DG confidently assured of complete state coverage and a stringent reinforcement of environmental regulations through collaborative efforts with sister organization like Jos Metropolitan Development Board, JMDB and the traditional institution which is very critical in the DG’s quest for endearing legacies.

Underscoring the importance of collaboration, the DG said “We are collaborating with the office of the state SDGs and in the coming days you will see our engagements on this”. He continued that “We have recieved letters from some more (private organizations) but after careful consideration we will engage them. As government alone cannot collect and manage all the waste we generate”

PEPSA’s strategy aligns with the global standard, which is guided by the waste hierarchy principle consisting of “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.” Here, priority is given to reducing waste. If this is impossible, emphasis is shifted to reusing, and then ultimately to recycling. In this light, PEPSA has established mechanisms and systems for waste collection, sorting, processing, and conversion into valuable goods such as biofuel, compost for farming, and crafting materials

Through the full coverage of the state by collaborating with the Ministry for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, PEPSA not only enhances cleanliness but also protects the ecosystem. The DG assured the general public of the agency’s commitment in enforcing environmental conservation laws and regulations to ensure the sustainability of the environment protection and warned against indiscriminate felling of trees. “Part of our engagement with the traditional rulers is that for every tree fell, another must be replaced”.

On the dangerous trend of having poultry houses within residential areas, the smart DG said “in fact we have scheduled a stakeholder engagement to meet with poultry farmers and also sister agencies that will help enforce the regulation on this. We have been inundated with calls on this issue since my appointment”

For those destroying infrastructure such as bridges by burning waste under them, the DG had stern warning for them assuring that “the law will surely takes it course on them”

The elated Chief Executive who declared his readiness to appear as a Guest again, thanked POINTBLANK NEWS BLOG for midwifing between the government and the people and enjoined the media to keep government officials in check while concluding that “the Time is Now as it takes Plateau People to Keep Plateau Clean, Safe and Protected”


  1. This is a laudable initiative that bridges the gap between the leaders and the followers. Pray for its sustenance.

    Kudos to the DG PEPSA.


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