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Plateau State Government To Leap Forward With The Embrace Of Modernization Through The Introduction Of Technical Working Group For E-governance Says Prof Goselle


The Time Is Now Mantra of Governor Caleb Manasseh Mutfwang administration on the Plateau which is set to deliver good governance on all fronts is poised to introduce Technical Working Group at the State and Local Government levels in an embrace of modernization, innovation and technology of the digital age that has cast a transformative spell upon the global landscape, revolutionising various sectors including governance, commerce, education, and the economy.

Prof Obed Nanjul Goselle, Commissioner for Science, Innovation and Technology, Plateau State stated this on “Good Morning Plateau” a flagship program of Plateau Radio Television Corporation, Radio Arm, Peace FM 90.5.

According to the erudite scholar, “the Plateau State Government has proposed an ambitious initiative to establish a Technical Working Group (TWG) aimed at enhancing e-governance, e-commerce, e-learning, and fostering the digital economy as a necessity for the sustainable development of Plateau State in the digital era”.

According to www.pointblank.com.ng while monitoring the program, Prof Goselle said “the implementation of e-governance stands to transform the public sector, improving efficiency, transparency, and citizen participation. E-governance reduces bureaucracy and simplifies administrative processes, making services readily accessible to the populace. By leveraging advanced technologies, the TWG could develop online platforms that streamline governmental operations and offer hassle-free access to public services, harnessing tools for digital identity verification and electronic documentation”.

His Excellency, Barr Caleb Manasseh Mutfwang Set To Embrace Technology And Innovation In Governance In Plateau State

Bringing to limelight the advantages of embracing technology and innovation, the outspoken Commissioner cited an empirical example of successful e-governance with Estonia, a country that has achieved remarkable strides in this field. He added that “the Estonian model has demonstrated significant reductions in corruption and time saved in administrative processes. Plateau State could similarly witness enhanced service delivery and a fortified trust in government if the TWG is effectively established and functions as intended at both the State and Local Government levels”.

He argued that in this digital age, transition towards e-commerce is no longer a luxury but a necessity in the competitive global marketplace because e-commerce revitalises the local economy by opening new avenues for businesses to reach a broader market beyond physical borders and posses the potential of digital technology to ignite substantial economic dynamics, projecting prolific growth of the state in the Nigerian digital economy.

The University don cum politician added that “e-learning presents unprecedented opportunities for the dissemination of knowledge and skill development. The TWG can play a transformative role by integrating technology into the educational framework of Plateau State, thus expanding the reach and quality of educational services. Embracing technology such as e-learning platforms can bridge educational gaps in remote and underserved communities”.

“The concept of a digital economy comprises more than just the digitisation of transactions; it exemplifies the integration of digital technologies into everyday activities, which promotes innovation and propels economic prosperity”.

“A comprehensive TWG strategy for a digital economy could place Plateau State at the forefront of the technological vanguard in Nigeria. By nurturing a conducive environment for the digital economy, Plateau State can attract investments, stimulate start-ups, and benefit from the resultant job creation and economic diversification. A digital economy not only offers new opportunities but also addresses some of the most pressing challenges in traditional economic models, notably by improving financial inclusion in rural areas” concluded the former Secretary of Langtang South Local Government Council


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