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Plateau State Unveils Bold Initiative, Launches Youth Engagement and Mobilization Initiative.


In a bid to champion the cause of youth empowerment and engagement, Plateau State has launched a groundbreaking initiative, the “Plateau State Youth Mobilization and Engagement Biodata Form through the office of Hon Hitler Joshua Pwajok, the Special Adviser to the Governor on Youth Engagement and Mobilization.” Under the visionary leadership of His Excellency, this initiative seeks to galvanize the state’s youthful population toward a future of promise and prosperity.

The program, which transcends geographical boundaries and socio-economic backgrounds, has been designed to elicit active participation from the youth of Plateau. At its core lies the objective of gathering comprehensive statistical data that will serve as a cornerstone for shaping future policies and programs aimed at uplifting the lives of young people across the state.

Key facets of this initiative include:

  1. Database Development: By compiling detailed information on the skills, education, and aspirations of Plateau’s youth, the program aims to establish a comprehensive database, offering valuable insights into the diverse talents and ambitions prevalent among the youth demographic.
  2. Opportunity Mapping: Armed with a nuanced understanding of the needs and potentials of the youth cohort, policymakers intend to tailor programs and initiatives to address existing challenges and leverage available opportunities for holistic development.
  3. Communication Enhancement: The initiative prioritizes the establishment of direct communication channels between the government and the youth community, facilitating the dissemination of crucial information regarding scholarships, job openings, and governmental initiatives.
  4. Youth Inclusion in Governance: Through active involvement in decision-making processes, the program seeks to foster a culture of participatory governance, wherein the youth population plays a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of Plateau’s progress.

The rollout of the “Plateau State Youth Mobilization and Engagement Biodata Form” emphasizes accessibility and convenience, with an intuitive online platform providing a seamless registration and data entry experience.

The data collected through this initiative is poised to inform the equitable and fair implementation of empowerment and developmental plans under the stewardship of His Excellency’s administration. The collective contribution of Plateau’s youth is hailed as indispensable in sculpting a future that is vibrant, inclusive, and prosperous.

As Plateau State embarks on this transformative endeavor, the clarion call resounds across the region: Let us unite in our commitment to forging a future that reflects the collective aspirations and endeavors of its youthful populace.

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Reports By Binkap Esther Sahmah


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