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Plateau Women Led By Hon Carolina Planglang Dafur Advocate for Gender Rights At State House of Assembly


In honor of International Women’s Month, Plateau Women for Women International led by Hon Carolina Planglang Dafur, Commissioner for Women Affairs and Social Development, Plateau State took a proactive stance by advocating for gender protection legislation and inclusive governance at the Plateau State House of Assembly. Their advocacy encompassed a range of issues including gender-sensitive budgeting and financing, as well as ensuring easy access to reproductive and menstrual hygiene products.

According to www.pointblank.com.ng, Hon Dafur added that the group is also “advocating for equality in social constructs, opposing gender stereotyping and promoting the potential of women in leadership roles. These untraditional characteristics of women would be brought to the limelight in various sectors, for a holistic reduction in gender disparities and women empowerment policy in Plateau State”.

The Honorable Speaker of the Plateau State House of Assembly, Rt Hon Amb Gabriel K. Dewan, who was lauded today for his commitment to gender advocacy and recognized as a HeForShe champion, received the delegation warmly. In response to their demands, he pledged to exert all efforts to safeguard the interests of women and girls across the state. Additionally, he expressed readiness to collaborate with the advocacy group to advance the cause of women and enhance their well-being.

This proactive engagement signifies a significant step towards addressing gender disparities and promoting women’s rights within Plateau State. As the dialogue continues, it is anticipated that tangible progress will be made towards achieving gender equality and inclusivity in governance and decision-making processes.


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