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Sacked Tertiary Education Workers Cry Foul, Accuse Gov Mutfwang of Political Vendetta and Call for their Immediate Reinstatement

Gov Caleb M. Mutfwang

Tertiary Education workers who were sacked on Monday, 5th February, 2024 in a statement signed by the Secretary of the Government of the State, Arc Samuel Nanchang Jatau, FNIA, have accused Governor Caleb Manasseh Mutfwang of political vendetta solely because they were employed by the previous administration and not based on fair assessment of qualifications and performance. The government statement while removing the heads of Tertiary Education in the state equally relieved workers employed between October 2022 to early 2023 from service.

The workers in a statement by the Secretary of the forum, Henry Hoomen called on government to treat all citizens justly without any form of political, religious or tribal sentiment. He called for their immediate reinstatement, assuring that they are committed to fighting for fairness, integrity and accountability within the society.

The text of the press release reads thus:

Unveiling the Truth: Political Vendetta Behind Our Recent Sacking

On behalf of the recently sacked civil servants, we bring to light a shocking truth that has been hidden in the shadows. Our termination from service was not based on a fair assessment of our qualifications and performance, but rather driven by a political vendetta against us. We were targeted solely because we were employed during the previous administration.

This unjust act undermines the principles of fairness and impartiality that are the foundation of a thriving democracy. It is disheartening to witness personal vendettas overshadow the hard work and dedication we have put into our roles as civil servants.

We stand together, united in our condemnation of these actions. We demand a thorough and unbiased review of our qualifications and contributions, free from the influence of political motives. It is our right to be assessed based on merit and equal opportunity, without discrimination based on our political affiliations.

We call upon the government of plateau state to conduct a transparent investigation into these sackings and ensure that justice is served. Our voices deserve to be heard, and our rights protected. We are committed to fighting for fairness, integrity, and accountability within our society.

Henry Hoomen

Secretary, On behalf of Sacked Tertiary Education Civil Servants.


  1. I wish the Governor of Plateau State should have followed his other colleagues like Abba Gida Gida of Kano State who reinstated the Kano Employed youths by Ganduje.
    Whoever advice the Governor to sacked Plateau citizens employed under former Governor didn’t help the state. Hunger in the land and now sacking of youths will add more pressure to the state.

    May God help us from Politics of bitterness.

    Mr. Governor temper Justice with mercy and restore back the youths to there work

  2. He promised these youths that he will not sack them. What a wicket character by the people’s Governor. That means he is not a man of his word

  3. Governors are meant to build and not destroy but this one na destroyer… Plateau people will confirm this afternoon his tenure.

  4. Apart from being qualified for the job, we are also citizens of plateau and there is shortage of manpower in the plateau state civil service. Why will the government waste additional resources of the state to start a new recruitment process when they already have qualify citizens who have been employed by the state and are ready to give in there best for the growth of the state civil service. If the state government feels there are some of us that are not qualify than the best thing to do is to carryout a screening process not sack us. Many have left there jobs in other states and some have upgraded from local government to state level during the last recruitment many vote the present administration because we believe in a better and united pleteau, some of us are father’s with many dependents and some are orphans with no one to help them, these jobs that u have taken away from them is what was making them feel alive and hopeful. We worked for 9month without salary and we never protested. We were suspended we never protested because we believe the right thing will be done. So I ask the governor to keep politics aside and call us back to our jobs, let him have it at the back of his mind that the same God almighty he always talk about will ask him on the last day about his stewardship and how he treated the hopeless who were given Hope and the orphans who so light and he took it away from them. May God help us all

  5. How can a governor wake up and sack thousands of his citizens in this time of hardship?
    Forgetting that alot of them leave their former works, former residents and return in respect of this particular work, after suspending them for about 8- 9 months you terminate their employment, tell me how we can lesson the rate of crime in the society, when our government are selfish, biased and put their pride first before the people.

    After a long wait and investigation what was his reason?

    So the suspended workers are only qualified for a temporal services but not qualified to be employed.

    I cry for plateau state.

  6. Its very disheartening, our state is moving too and fro. Some of us leave our previous place of work to accept the offer!

  7. Innocent newly employed staff are now victims of political party affairs. And the governor promised In one of his campaign promises not to victimize or sack the newly employed workers by the past governor.

  8. This is an insensitive move. There is no any difference between this act and what the herders militia are doing to our people in the villages

  9. If the governor wanted to do justice to this employment all the committee he has been setting could have called us all for physical screening, to know who is qualify and who is not, from there we will know of the allegations that many are not qualified, if anyone is found wanting they should be relieved of the job and those quality should continue, but no because he has ulterior motives, he did what he did, but the God he claims he knows, will raise to our judgment

  10. Education is the key to any human development. He said to sack newly employed staff is a rumour mongering and now is no longer a rumour. God above all, only clock can be stopped not time.

  11. Vendetta will not help in the success of plateau..with the present admospher of hardship in Nigeria the governor still saw the need to add more pains to the same citizens that voted him into office.

    He promised he was never going to sack the employment done by the passed administration but now his words can never be trusted again.

  12. Vendetta will not help in the success of plateau..with the present admospher of hardship in Nigeria the governor still saw the need to add more pains to the same citizens that voted him into office.

    He promised he was never going to sack the employment done by the passed administration but now his words can never be trusted again.

  13. I was left speechless by this act, this wasn’t what was promised from the beginning. This just proves all the rumours from the past about the current governor and employment.

    Pls Sir look into this🙏

  14. There was an evil plan behind all the delay to reinstate these suspended civil servants from the onset. Gov. Caleb Manasseh mutfwang is not a man of his words, using his office to victimize youths, it is sad that in this period of economic hardship, rather than make redress the governor is sacking youths for political vendetta.

  15. Committees have been set in the past and recommendations have been made as to the way forward and none included outright sack of qualified persons. Why this now? This is sad. One will expect that a thorough screening would have been put in place to fish out those unqualified like in the case of Kano. This will only end up bringing more animosity.

  16. Governance is a contenuity therefore where the past administration stops that is where the incumbent will continue, sacking the newly employed civil servants of tetiary institution is nothing but victimization and it is uncall for, the God of this people you sacked will stand as a judgement to you know this and know it well Mr. Governor.


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