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Tarok Unijos Alumni Pays Solidarity Visit To Hon Dalung, Tasks Members To Take Their Health Seriously


Tarok Unijos Alumni, an umbrella body of all Tarok sons and daughters who obtained certificates from the famous University of Jos on Saturday, 18th May, 2024 demonstrated the true meaning of iTarok Pi Zing (Tarok Is One) and underscored the unity of purpose in support and solidarity when they paid a solidarity visit to Hon Solomon Selcap Dalung, the former Minister of Youth and Sports Development, following his discharge from the hospital

Barr Domkur Selven Zingman while leading the delegation of the association in performing the act of kindness and unity, representing not just the institution but the shared bond that had been forged in their days within the university walls and the deep rooted Tarok norms of cultural essence that fortifies their indivisibility spirit, reinforcing the notion that individuals and communities are stronger together when they exhibit unity and empathy during periods of trial. The legal luminary said the visit was in tandem with the association’s resolution reached at its last congress meeting held in December 2023 at Zangzat Hotel, Langtang North

Speaking to www.pointblank.com.ng, Barr Zingman said “the alumni’s visit wasn’t merely a matter of protocol or formality; it was a powerful demonstration of resilience and communal coexistence. Our visit further shows that social relationships and community bonds have measurable health benefits and can aid in quicker recovery and better mental health and it is our honest prayers that the former Minister, who is the Ambassador of Tarok culture finds this companionship worthy of possibly fast-tracking his overall recuperation process”

Barr Zingman advised the former minister to take his health seriously despite his tight schedules because only the living contributes to nation building and a personality like Dalung cannot afford to be down at this critical period of our nationhood when his fearless assessment of government serves as unpaid guidance that guarantees the delivery of good governance

Responding, the former minister who made headlines for his staunched criticism of the Nigeria healthcare system, alleged that he was abandoned for hours for failing to deposit #80,000 despite him being in coma. Dalung in appreciating the visit said “in the challenging times the world faces, such acts of unity and genuine care stand as boosts, encouraging each of us to contribute to a society where support and solidarity are not exceptions, but norms that shape our collective experience. I am really tounched by the visit”.

The former university don enjoined the association “to take the proposed December hangout with all sense of seriousness because it has a way of encouraging those at home as a challenge to take education serious. The hangout is a resurgence of the former “students party” then in olden days which challenged many Tarok youths to enrol into school”.

Expressing his dismay over the inability of the nation to have the office of the Ponzhi Tarok occupied, Dalung said a lot have been lost because there are certain issues that can only be lobbied and handled by the paramount ruler.

He explained further that the absence of the Ponzhi Tarok has affected the education sector in Tarokland. He said the next Ponzhi Tarok should be a man of high integrity who can handle the Tarok nation with iron hand to correct all the wrongs. He added that the next Ponzhi should be like a Police man in the education sector.

In his usual characteristic manners, the former minister lamented the level of hardship faced by the people down home. He bemoaned that our values are being eroded because we no longer follow culture and called for value reorientation in Tarokland emphasizing that culture is not synonymous with worship of deity and people must note the difference.

The solidarity visit had DSC Domlyat Dangle, Obed Obadiah Vongtau and Hon. Ponnan Ezekiel Wazhi, Secretary, Langtang South LGC on the delegation. Dangle offered prayers for stable health for the minister


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