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UNIJOS TAROK DAY: Dr Clement Selchum Chirman Advocates The Marriage Of Tradition And Modern Academia


Dr Clement Selchum Chirman, the erudite Acting Rector of Plateau State Polytechnic, Barkin Ladi, has charged Tarok Students of the famous University of Jos to be guided by their cultural norms of discipline, hardwork and communal unity of purpose in the pursuit of their academic excellence

Speaking as the Guest Speaker on Saturday, 25th May, 2024 at the Red Chambers, Faculty of Social Science, University of Jos during the 2024 Cultural Day of the Association, on the topic “The Cultural Imprint of Tarok Students on Campus Life: Harmonizing Tradition and Modern Academia”, Dr Chirman said “The marriage of tradition and modern academia is akin to a needlepoint woven with threads of yesteryears and today’s aspirations. The Tarok culture, rich in history and vibrancy, is not left out in this beautiful confluence.”

Represented by Miri Timnan Nyantau (M.T.N), the First Tarok Student to be the President of National Association of Plateau State (NAPSS), University of Jos Chapter, Dr Chirman, through his address, highlighted how the presence of Tarok students on campus brings a plethora of wisdom that underpins their cultural identity.

“Academic institutions,” he mused, “are not just centres for learning but cultural incubators where traditions are kept alive amidst contemporary curricula.” His words echoed the sentiments of scholarly works that emphasise the importance of cultural diversity in educational environments.

Describing a typical day on campus, Dr Chirman painted a picture of coexistence, with Tarok students adorning their rich, woven costumes on special occasions, their songs and dances igniting the air with exuberance. The Tarok language echoed through the corridors, as students greeted one another, an evidence to the linguistic diversity that enhances cognitive skills according to linguistic research.

“Cultural societies like TAROSA,” Dr Chirman elucidated, “serve as a nexus for cultural exchange. They provide a platform for the Tarok students to celebrate their heritage while inviting others to partake in the cultural feast.” This reminded the audience of the importance of multicultural dialogue in fostering mutual respect as noted in the works of prominent sociologists.

The Rector surmised with an exploration into the role of education in ensuring that cultural imprints are not only preserved but allowed to flourish. He cited examples of Tarok students who took it upon themselves to embark on educational awareness campaigns down home to enlighten others.

He advocated strict adherence to Tarok values as guiding principles to academic and societal excellence. Going down memory lane, Dr Chirman recalled with nostalgia the ‘mmandam’ which was famous internal correctional system adopted to correct erring students who by their conducts brought shame and reproach to the highly revered Tarok name

The address concluded with a powerful invocation for continued cultural symbiosis. “Let us not merely be witnesses to the cultural deposits of the Tarok people,” the Acting Rector encouraged, “but active participants in the harmonious synthesis of what has been handed down to us and what we endeavour to achieve.”

Dr Chirman’s speech was not only a call to reflection but a roadmap towards a campus life enriched with cultural wisdom, mutual respect, and an educational paradigm that embraces the tapestry of human heritage.

The University of Jos Alumni was presented with an award of excellence for his tireless efforts for the growth of education in Tarok land

The occasion was attended by Distinguished Senator Napoleon Binkap Bali, Air Vice Marshall (Rtd), Hon Solomon Selcap Dalung, Former Minister of Youth and Sports Development, Hon Pirfa Jingfa Tyem, Former House of Assembly Member and Present Special Adviser on Domestic Revenue Mobilization tot eh Governor, Hon Ubandoma Joshua Laven, former NAPSS National President, Former Chairman Langtang North and incumbent Commsissioner, Housing and Urban Development, Hon Ponnak Ezekiel Wazhi, Secretary Langtang South who also stood in for his principal, Hon Manji Dangfa, Comrade Prince Zamko Dandam, Mrs Rahab Wormichit Noma, National President, Tarok Women Wing, Prof Patricia Manko Lar, Matron of TAROSA, Mrs Angela Jemkur, wife of Prof J Jemkur amongst many dignitaries


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