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Wase TIC Chairman Orchestrating Vicious Vandalization Campaign Against Local Business Owners, Gov. Mutfwang  Should Call Him To Order writes Haruna Tambari from Wase


In a shocking turn of events, business owners in the bustling town of Wase, located in the heart of Plateau State, have come forward with damning allegations against the esteemed local government Transition Implementation committee chairman, Hon. Hamisu Anani. These courageous entrepreneurs claim that Anani orchestrated the demolition of their shops and subsequently ordered the wanton vandalization of their hard-earned goods.

Hon Hamisu Anani, TIC Chairman, Wase

Musa Ori, a long-standing pillar of the community, expressed his disbelief when he spoke to a group of journalists. Having diligently served his customers for over three decades, selling aromatic tea and freshly baked bread, he was suddenly confronted with an eviction notice from the Wase Local Government Council on 24th of January 2024. The notice provided no reasonable justification for his forced departure from the premises that had been his livelihood for so many years.

Adamu Abdullahi Bandada, another victim of this egregious injustice, shared his own harrowing tale. For fifteen years, he had been the go-to destination for locals seeking a warm cup of tea and delicious bread. However, he, too, was abruptly singled out and subjected to the same relocation notice. The shock and confusion were palpable among these unsuspecting entrepreneurs who had faithfully contributed to the growth and prosperity of their beloved community.

Forceful Destruction of Traders Shops

Adding to the mounting evidence of an orchestrated attack on their businesses, Muhammad Sani revealed that he had operated a successful provision kiosk for nearly three decades. Throughout these years, he dutifully paid his taxes and revenue to the Wase Local Government Council, never once faltering in his commitment to his responsibilities as a law-abiding citizen. Yet, inexplicably, he found himself targeted by the relocation notice, casting a dark shadow over his long-standing business.

The situation took a nightmarish turn when, on the fateful morning of Tuesday 6th February 2024 just 13 days after the notice, a devastating act of destruction unfolded. According to the aggrieved business owners, the council chairman, Hamisu Anani, allegedly deployed the chairman revenue taskforce of the Wase Local Government Council, Mr. Lawal Danlarai, through the revenue officer, accompanied by a menacing neighborhood watch group under their commander Mr Rabiu Yakubu, to carry out his sinister plan. The team callously demolished their shops, reducing years of hard work and investment to rubble. In a cruel act of vindictiveness, they also vandalized and went away with the properties of these innocent victims, leaving their livelihoods in ruins.

The community is now reeling from the fallout of this scandalous incident, which has sent shockwaves through the town. Local residents are demanding answers from their once-respected council chairman, questioning the motives behind this reprehensible act. Rumors and speculation swirl, with whispers of hidden agendas and personal vendettas. The good people of Wase are left grappling with the unsettling realization that those entrusted with their welfare may have abused their power and violated their trust.

As the dust settles on this catastrophic event, the affected business owners vow to fight for justice and seek redress for the irreparable damage inflicted upon them. The eyes of the nation are now fixed on Wase, awaiting the truth to emerge from the smoldering ruins of shattered dreams and broken livelihoods. Will this scandal unveil a web of corruption and malfeasance, or will the victims be left to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives alone? Only time will tell as the investigation unfolds and the community demands accountability from those responsible for this heinous act of betrayal.


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