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Comrade GENSHAK W. GOLAK; Resolving Nigeria’s degenerative economy and unstable administrative policies requires a multifaceted approach that addresses both immediate challenges and long-term structural issues.


Expounding on the ideals of a democratic government craved to be political stability, rule of law, effective public services, democratic engagement, control of corruption, paving way for an optimized governance and consequently meeting the expectations of the citizens, it is needless to say that in Nigeria’s current dispensation, there exists major antonyms to these prospects.

Nigeria’s plight and deteriorating system and economy perpetually lingers as issues get worsened at the dawn of each day, Nigerians going through an array of turmoil in a supposedly progressive administration under the leadership of His Excellency, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the Executive President.

In view of these shambles, it is indispensable to aptly reinforce feasible strategies and action plans to annul the prevalence of these issues bedeviling the nation.

Comrade GENSHAK W. GOLAK, an activist and social commentator featured by POINTBLANK NEWS BLOG in its 21st interactive session on the 7th June, 2024, affirmed that these overhauling approaches require that Nigeria bears a comprehensive strategy that integrates education, entrepreneurship, infrastructural development, social welfare, economic diversification, and most importantly good governance.

Comrade Golak stated that investing in education and skills development is essential to equip the burgeoning workforce with the capabilities needed to thrive in a rapidly evolving economy. By aligning education and training programs with market demand, Nigeria could foster a skilled workforce that meets the needs of various sectors, thus reducing unemployment.

He added that fostering entrepreneurship and supporting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) is crucial for creating job opportunities and driving economic growth. BUT this can only be achieved with an effective supervision mechanism for transparency and zero room for misappropriations by providing access to finance, mentorship, and enabling business environments can empower aspiring entrepreneurs to start and scale their ventures, thereby absorbing a significant portion of the workforce.


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