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Hon Caroline Panglang Dafur, Plateau State Women’s Affairs Commissioner Unveils Socio-Economic Empowerment Roadmap for Plateau Women/Girls


During an engaging session on Point Blank News closed- WhatsApp platform held on Wednesday, March 27th, 2024, the Commissioner for Women’s Affairs in Plateau State shared insights into her journey to success and strategies for empowering women in the region.

Responding to questions about her success secrets and resilience during challenging times, the Commissioner emphasized self-belief, positivity, and teamwork, underscoring the importance of perseverance.

Addressing the pivotal role of women’s empowerment in driving socioeconomic development, the Commissioner unveiled a comprehensive action plan focusing on vocational training, entrepreneurship, women’s health, and girls’ education. She highlighted the necessity of data profiling and need-based assessments to tailor programs effectively.

Hon Caroline Panglang Dafur, Commissioner for Women Affairs and Social Development, Plateau State

In response to inquiries about concrete plans and programs, the Commissioner outlined initiatives such as capacity-building workshops on financial literacy and economic empowerment. Notably, she mentioned ongoing vocational training for widows and women farmers, with plans to reactivate women’s development centers across the state.

On the topic of Gender-Based Violence (GBV) awareness and rehabilitation, the Commissioner highlighted a 16-day activism campaign against GBV, involving media campaigns, stakeholder engagements, and the implementation of relevant laws.

Regarding the establishment of vocational centers in the three Senatorial Zones, the Commissioner confirmed existing centers, expressing hopes for their revitalization before considering new ones.

In assessing women’s participation and performance across various sectors in Plateau State, the Commissioner addressed issues such as governance, political participation, economy, and business. She emphasized the importance of sustainable models for women’s empowerment and measures to combat child trafficking and SGBV, with the ultimate goal of fully equipping and empowering Plateau women.

The Commissioner’s outlined initiatives underscore a commitment to fostering women’s empowerment and driving socio-economic development in Plateau State.

It is indeed an exciting time for Plateau Women and it is with no iota of doubt that a new sheriff is in town and so many old narratives are going to be re-ordered.


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