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Hon Vincent Venman Bulus aka VVB, Member Representing Langtang North And South Federal Constituency Appoints First Four Frontrunners As Aides, Other Appointments To Follow Soon.


Hon Vincent Venman Bulus, popularly known as VVB, the Member representing Langtang North and South in the 10th National Assembly Bulus, determined to justify the confidence reposed in him as the voice of Tarok nation in the National Assembly has shored up his ranks with the appointment of individuals deep-rooted in local dynamics and mobilizations.

The appointment of the First Four Forerunners which is effective from November 2023 is expressive of his desire for a more involved, local-centric and empathetic representation, a paradigm shift from the traditional elitism that has permeated Nigeria’s political sphere and ushers in invigorating inclusivity – a clear pointer that Bulus has an unperturbed understanding of his political mandate

Hon Nankar Shagaya, the All Progressives Congress, APC Langtang North Chairmanship aspirant for 2021 Local Government Elections in Plateau State is appointed as the Senior Legislative Aide. Unconditionally connected to the grassroots as a mobilizer of immense repute, Shagaya’s appointment could be viewed as an intentional effort to improve the output of his legislative arm.

In the influence of political leadership, the schedule of the Senior Legislative Aide is a comprehensible control tower, indispensable in shaping policy. The success or failure of Hon VVB tenure depends largely on the efficacy of such a position. This stems from the huge responsibility in its purview which comprises, but not limited to, direct oversight of legal constituents, policy formulation, strategy recommendation, and aiding Hon. Bulus as he navigates murky legislative waters

As a representative who prioritizes not only competence and capacity but also idolizes a strong empathy with the grassroots hinged on the fringes of equality and fair political balance aimed at giving the Two Local Governments an even representation. Nanbur Godwin Kassam from Langtang South is appointed Personal Assistant. Kassam, an energetic youth is expected to help with personal schedules of the member.

Also, appointed as Legislative Aides are Hon Christiana Miri aka Christy Gazum, a former Councillor, Warok Ward, Langtang North while Ponfa Zwalde from Langtang South balanced the equal sharing formula between the two LGAs. Hon Miri has a renowned penchant for diligent political mobilization.

Hon Vincent Venman Bulus’ First Four Favourite Forerunners

In the wake of these appointments, it is necessary to interrogate: what consequences do the appointees have for Langtang North and South Federal Constituency? First, Bulus’ assembly of his personnel team emphasizes his ideal of robust representation backed by proficient delivery. Secondly, his non-elitist personnel selection fosters stranger affiliation between his office and constituents, bringing to bear a sense of possession towards his actions and policies amongst the constituents.

The responsibility lies upon these aides to pursue their roles diligently, transforming their grassroots understanding and VVB’s unconquerable dream into touchable developmental strides. Consequently, as constituents, the primary responsibility is to hold these aides responsible while supporting their endeavours to portray the overall vision of Bulus as a focused leader.

While these appointments might be the first step in Bulus’s voyage of representation, other Aides including Liaison officers, Protocol and Special Adviser are to follow suit.

Under the watch of Bulus and his team, Langtang North and South Federal Constituency anticipates an extraordinary surge of progressive legislative and infrastructural transformation that embodies the true essence of democratic representation to either equal or surpass the lofty heights attained by his predecessor and erstwhile political boss, Hon Beni Butmak Lar whose first tenure was widely adjudicated as highly successful.


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