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Kaduna Muslims Hold Special Prayer Session Over Economic Hardship


In response to the prevailing economic challenges faced by Nigerians, Muslims in Kaduna, specifically in Zaria, gathered for a special prayer session aimed at seeking spiritual solace and divine intervention.

The congregation assembled at the Mallawa Eid praying ground in Zaria, with worshippers coming from various parts of the town to join in the collective supplication.

Leading the prayer session was Chief Imam Mallam Muhammadu Sani Labudda of Bakin Kasuwa Jumaat Mosque (Tudun Wada), who emphasized the severity of the current hardships, describing them as unbearable and in urgent need of Allah’s intervention.

Muslims in Kaduna praying for economic hardship to end

Labudda highlighted the escalating prices of essential commodities, particularly concerning as the Muslim faithful approached the holy month of Ramadan.

Following the prayers, Suleiman Ibrahim, Head of the Islamiyya Schools Association in Zaria, stressed the importance of unity in faith and worship during such challenging times, expressing hope that Allah would bring relief to the populace.

Ibrahim urged fellow Muslims to prioritize assisting the needy and marginalized members of society, while also emphasizing the necessity of repentance and avoidance of sins as a means of seeking divine favor.

Echoing similar sentiments, Sheikh Muhammadu Dan Tine Habibi and Umar Dikko Mai shinkafa of Fitiyanul Islam Zaria underscored the wisdom behind organizing special prayers during periods of societal turmoil. They encouraged Muslims to maintain a deep reverence for Allah and to earnestly seek repentance from their transgressions, highlighting these as crucial steps in attracting divine intervention.

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