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NBA Pankshin Branch Pays Homage To Ngolong Ngas, HRM, Nde Jika Golit, Seeks Strengthening Of Symbiotic Relationship Between The Modern Legal Profession And Traditional Institutions


The Nigeria Bar Association (NBA), Pankshin Branch in show of profound respect for customary leadership and rule today, Friday, 15th March, 2024 paid a remarkable homage to the newly installed Royal Father, Ngolong Ngas, HRM Nde Jika Golit. This is in recognition of the critical role played by cultural heterogeneity in Nigeria to deliberate on the principles and practices that govern their societies

Led by its Branch Chairman, W.A Awe Esq, in tandem with keeping to the ethos of civic responsibilities, the Nigeria Bar Association, Pankshin Branch’s royal homage is the visualization of the traditional institution as an avenue to strengthen fundamental societal values and contribute to the nourishment of the cultural heritage.

Welcoming the lawyers to the beautiful palace of the Paramount Ruler of the Ngas nation, Chief Geoffrey Yellen, the Turaki Garam who stood in for the Chief of Staff of the Palace who was unavoidably absent, enjoined them to feel relaxed because the monarch is a peaceful person whose Palace is opened to all an sundry. The Chaplain of the palace, Retired Licensed Pastor Paul Yilbisa offered the opening prayer to set the tone for an eventful deliberation.

In consonance with the custom and tradition of the seniority that is highly reverenced in the association, a member of the branch and former chairman, MD Karshima, Esq addressed the Royal Majesty on behalf of the branch

MD Karshima said the branch is in the palace to congratulate the Monarch on his ascension to the coveted stool of his forefathers as the Ngolong Ngas and to pledge allegiance to him. Karshima said “this is a gesture that reinforces our readiness to cooperate with traditional institutions in the administration of justice and the upholding of constitutional law”

According to www.pointblank.com.ng, Mr Karshima while speaking further humbly submitted that “by paying homage, the Association seeks to strengthen the symbiotic relationship between the modern legal profession and traditional institutions, both of which represent crucial dimensions of a holistic governance system. The display of respect and commitment towards Ngolong Ngas is a symbol of our intent to pursue cohesion between the law and traditional mechanism for conflict resolution”.

He said as the host monarch, “the group wants to identify with the Ngolong Ngas as a paramount ruler where the headquarters of the branch is situated, which comprises of Barkin Ladi, Bokkos, Pankshin, Dengi, Wase, Langtang North and South local government councils”.

He further explained “that the third reason for the visit is to collaborate with the Royal Majesty as the branch is willing and ready to assist on any legal issue wherever there is need”.

Responding, the elated Monarch, HRH Nde Jika Golit expressed the Ngas nation’s gratitude to the branch for the visit which he assured that it won’t be taken for granted. “The Nigeria Bar Association, Pankshin Branch, has used this occasion to show its respect for the sovereignty of Ngolong Ngas as well as recognize the potency and relevance of traditional institutions in contemporary Nigeria. Fundamentally, this gesture signifies the fusion of traditional governance structures with the modern legal system, reflecting Nigeria’s unique multicultural identity” said the Traditional Ruler

The Royal Majesty made a passionate appeal to the branch to always properly and carefully study briefs especially the ones that have to with traditional stool. He went further to state that interlocutory injunction granted in traditional stool matters has no doubt affected many communities as once there is an injunction, the stool becomes handicapped.

His Royal Majesty also appealed to the branch to prevail on the Chief Judge of the state on the needless incessant injunctions that have crippled a lot of traditional institutions except when it becomes exceedingly necessary. His Majesty finally ensured the branch that his palace is widely opened for the branch at anytime.

Closing prayer was offered by JB Bunkat Esq to bring the exciting interaction to a close

Members of the Nigeria Bar Association, NBA Pankshin Branch with His Royal Majesty, Nde Jika Golit the Ngolong Ngas. on His Royal Majesty’s immediate left is the Branch Chairman, W.A Awe, Esq while on his right is the immediate past branch chairman, MD Karshima. Barr DS Zingman is in Maroon colour


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