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Port Harcourt Women Protest Power Outage, Say It Stops Night Enjoyment With Their Husbands


Angry women from Mile 2 and Mile 3 axes of the populous Diobu settlement barricaded the office of the Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution Company, PHED, near the popular Isaac Boro Park in Port Harcourt, lamenting that their husbands do not longer make love to them due to unbearable heat

The women who besieged the premises of the company complained that for over two weeks they have been without light. The women who lamented the lack of power supply said the total black is affecting consummation with their husbands. The women explained that with scourging heat and lack of light, their husbands hardly perform their marital responsibility to them thereby leaving them sex starved

The placard-carrying protesters marched through major streets in Diobu, including Wokoma, Dim, Wokoma Lane, Obaziolu, Dim Lane, Egbuagu, Azikiwe, and Ojoto Streets, before heading to the PHED office to make their anger known.

On the placards were different inscriptions like “We lack romance with our husbands’, ‘Our husbands no longer touch us at night’, no light, no payment’, ‘The heat is too much,’ ‘PHED help us to sleep well with our husbands’, ‘what God has joined together, PHEDC should not put asunder ‘ and many more.

The angry women said that they also find it difficult to preserve cooked foods for weeks, pointing out that their businesses have been grounded due to alleged poor power supply by the Port Harcourt distribution firm.

According to them, the most affected areas include Dim, Wokama, Azikiwe, Ojoto streets, Rainbow, Amadi, and Abuloms, among others, adding that they pay light bills monthly without a corresponding power supply.

“This lack of light (electricity) is making our soup sour. Even when our husbands want to make love to us, the heat will not allow it. We can’t even charge our phones or preserve our food. We are worried,” one of the women who will not want her name printed said.

“This protest is for PHED to give us light. We are paying bills but not seeing light. Our pot of soup is getting bad, and even having sex with our husbands is a problem because of the heat.

“Last night, my husband wanted to have fun with me, but the heat was too much; I could not. We could not do anything. So PHED should give us light, or else we will not pay the bill for this month.”

The Public Relations Officer with the PHEDC, Livingstone Koko, was quoted as saying that the current power situation was beyond the control of the company, saying it was a value change issue.


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