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Dr Dauda Gwomson, Giwa Jos Makes Case For Enhance Healthcare Accessibility In Nigeria


In the ongoing quest to enhance healthcare accessibility and quality across Nigeria, significant hurdles persist, particularly in rural regions. Despite continuous efforts to bolster infrastructure and services, barriers to essential medical care persist as a pressing concern, as highlighted by Dr. Gwomson Dauda, a distinguished figure in the healthcare sector. Dr Dauda was speaking as the 8th Guest on Pointblank News Blog Interactive Session

Dr. Dauda, affectionately known as the Giwa Jos, shed light on the challenges faced by individuals living in poverty, who often grapple with the financial burden of accessing medical treatment due to steep costs. In response to this issue, he put forth a range of strategies aimed at bridging the gap between urban and rural healthcare access. These initiatives include the construction and refurbishment of healthcare facilities in remote areas and the training and deployment of community healthcare workers to deliver essential services and education.

Furthermore, Dr. Dauda, a seasoned Public Health expert based in Abuja, Nigeria, boasting a rich background of over a decade’s experience across various levels of healthcare administration emphasized the grave threat posed by quackery within the healthcare industry, which undermines both the quality of care and patient safety. He underscored the importance of upholding ethical standards among healthcare practitioners to ensure that only licensed and qualified professionals administer services, thereby safeguarding the health of the populace.

Regarding financial matters, the Consultant, Public Health Physician, Dr. Dauda expressed concern over the historical underfunding of the healthcare sector and advocated for increased collaboration with stakeholders to strengthen financial backing for health initiatives nationwide.

In summary, the healthcare challenges confronting Nigeria demand immediate attention and unified action from government authorities and the broader community alike. Despite strides made in certain areas, there remains a substantial amount of work to be done to guarantee equitable access to high-quality medical care for all citizens, irrespective of their geographic location or socioeconomic status.

Report by Jibu Kenjap Emmaculater and Binkap Esther Sahmah


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