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Hon Caroline Panglang Dafur Sues For Calm Between Youth of Langtang North and Mikang LGAs, Says There Is No Alternative To Peace


Hon Caroline Panglang Dafur, Commissioner for Women Affairs and Social Development, Plateau State has called for calm among the youth of Langtang North and Mikang Local Government over the avoidable land dispute that sadly degenerated into a clash, claiming lives and destroying properties

In a statement personally signed by the Commissioner on Sunday, 24th March, 2024, the peace loving member of the State Executive Council said “I am devastated by what I saw today. This betrays the age long peaceful relationship between the Two Local Governments that has been intimately interwoven in communal, mutual and cordial coexistence”

The recipient of the ‘Award of Excellent Leadership In Fight Against Child Trafficking and Social Welfare Protection’ stressed the invaluable importance of peace for socioeconomic development. “There is no any meaningful achievement that can be recorded in an atmosphere of war and rancour. In fact there is no alternative to peace”.

Preaching dialogue as the best method of conflict resolution, the Commissioner added that “what dialogue cannot give, monologue cannot give, so therefore, it is imperative that we embrace dialogue to resolve our differences”

She said “His Excellency, Barr Caleb Manasseh Mutfwang, the Executive Governor of Plateau State embodies peaceful coexistence and has worked tirelessly towards ensuring lasting peace on the Plateau. The testaments of his peaceful efforts are evident in the current peace being enjoined in the state. It behooves on all and sundry to queue behind him to ensure that the whole state is peaceful”

While condemning the regrettable clash, the Commissioner expresses her “heartfelt condolences to those who loss their loved ones and properties. May God Almighty repose their souls”

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