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Hon Caroline Panglang Dafur, Commissioner for Women Affairs and Social Development Aborts Attempted Bribe As Compensation For Slain Kanam Boy In Abuja By The Deceased’s Neighbour, Insists On Prosecution Of The Culprit.


In a bold, brave and fearless move, Hon Caroline Panglang Dafur, the Commissioner for Women Affairs and Social Development Plateau State has in Abuja, rejected a bribe offered as compensation for a slain Kanam boy, Raphael Aaron Sanda and instead insists on the prosecution of the culprit.

The incident occurred when a 3 year old boy from Kanam, Plateau State was tragically killed in the most bizzare fashion by an Igbo man who was a neighbour of the mother of the slain boy.

In an exlusive finding by www.pointblank.com.ng, “One Raphael Aaron Sanda of Kado Kuchi Village Abuja was found dead on the 25th February, 2024 in the vehicle of one Eze (hereinafter refered to as the prime suspect) which vehicle was parked at the premises of the Evangelical Church Wining All (ECWA) Kado Kuchi Jabhi, after a prolonged and diligent search of the community for the boy who was said to be at large” reads a statement by I.J Kaddung and Co, addressed to the Commissioner of Police, FCT Command, dated 25th February, 2024.

In an attempt to cover up the crime and avoid legal consequences, the family of the culprit through the culprit’s brother offered a bribe to the deceased’s parents as compensation for the loss arrogantly saying that “it was better for the family to accept the money because the boy cannot be brought back to life than keep pushing on with the case

However, on getting intelligence report, the Commissioner immediately rushed to the FCT Police Command where the suspect is being held and vehemently ordered the family to reject the bribe, stating that justice must be served and the perpetrator must face the full consequences of their actions. She emphasized that no amount of money could ever replace the life of young Raphael hence the family should not be swayed by the lure of money and instead insisted on the prosecution of the culprit.

Hon Caroline Panglang Dafur With The Parents Of Late Raphael Aaron Sanda, The Slain Boy

FACTS OF THE CASE: As Stated In A Letter Addressed To CP, FCT By I.J KADDUNG AND CO.

“We were informed by Mrs Saratu Aaron Sanda the mother of the deceased on the 28th day of February at about 1pm when we visited the family who took us to the scene of the crime and we verily believe her to be true and correct as follows; that:

  1. She is a petty trader who deals in food stuffs in an open space located directly opposite the shop of the suspect at Kado Kuchi
  2. They have been relating as neighbours with the suspect in the market
  3. The suspect travelled to the Eastern part of Nigeria in February 2024 and just returned to Kado Kuchi about 4 days ago when the incident occurred
  4. While exchanging pleasantries with the suspect on his return to Abuja, he told her that he would be packing back to the East, that everyone was making money there and that he was just wasting his time here in Abuja
  5. On the 25th day of February, 2024 she and her friends went for their Plateau Association’s meeting in Kado Kuchi hence she kept the Late Raphael in the custody of one Alhaji in the neighbourhood, who later went to pray and left Late Raphael with the sister
  6. When the Alhaji came back he did not see Late Raphael and reported same to the mother. Consequently, the mother and other relations embarked on the search for the boy. It was the alarm that drew the attention of the residents towards aggressive search for the Late Raphael. The whole area was cordoned and some Police men were invited to participate in the search
  7. The suspect, who is not known for opening his shop on Sundays had his shop opened on that fateful day. That he also participated in the search for the boy. It got to a point, the same suspect suggested to the Uncle of the boy that they should search the vehicles parked within the area which led them to the ECWA Church
  8. The Uncle agreed hence they went into the ECWA Church premises. The suspect went and opened someone’s car but the boy’s Uncle cautioned him not to open someone cars in absential because it had legal implications
  9. From there they went to the next vehicle which was his, when he opened the car, behold the boy was inside and found deadwith fresh bloodoozing from his nostrils and mouth, and he screamed; “the boy don die!!”
  10. It was at this point the Uncle raised alarm and people gathered while the suspect tried to escape by jumping the church fence but was over powered and arrested. We understand that the suspect is in your custody for further investigation
  11. Having regards to the facts of this case as enumerated above, it is ovious that a Criminal offence has been established. We therefore believe that the matter will be thoroughly investigated by you and ensure the justice of this matter, that justice shall not only be done but seen to be done, as the parents and relations of the boy are traumatized and deeply in pains.the Plateau Community is greatly bereaved so also the entire Plateau state for losing such a young promising chap in such a bizarre manner
  12. We will be following up to assist were necessary in the investigation and prosecution of the case

According to www.pointblank.com.ng, Major Gen Yusuf D. Pyeng (Rtd) who signed for I.J Kaddung and Co equally copied his Excellency, Barr Caleb Manasseh Mutfwang, the Executive Governor of Plateau State. The parents of the victim are from Gid Gid Ward, Kanam, Plateau State


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