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Hon Vincent Venman Bulus aka VVB, Member Representing Langtang North and South Federal Constituency Attends Ilum Oga Bwarat and Tabut Communities, Sets Example Of Community Upliftment


Hon. Vincent Venman Bulus, the Honourable Member representing Langtang North and South Federal Constituency, has once again demonstrated his commitment to community development when he graced Bwarat Day and Talbut Day on Saturday, 30th March, 2024.

Hon. Vincent Venman Bulus who has long been known for his dedication to serving the people of his constituency and his passion for community development latest donations at the two communities cultural day celebration is just one example of his ongoing efforts to support and uplift the communities he represents.

Hon Vincent Venman Bulus aka VVB Exchanging Pleasantries With Arc Samuel Nanchang Jatau While Hon Ubandoma Joshua Laven Waits With His Hands In The Winds To Take His Turn With Hon VVB

In a statement by Hon VVB Media team on Saturday, 30th March, 2024, “Hon Bulus who served as the Chief Launcher, generously donated one million naira (#1,000,000) to support the Empowerment of Bwarat Youth On Skills Acquisition And Non Formal Education. He underscored the importance of empowerment stating that it is a multifaceted dimensional tool that is capable of bringing peace and ensuring youth productivity. He charged the youth to be law abiding and exhibit the industrious traits a Tarok man is known for”

“In Talbut Community, the pragmatic leader was the Chairman of the occasion and he cheerfully donated the sum of Two Hundred Thousand Naira (#200,000) to help raise funds for the drilling of a borehole. The passionate Representative besides the donation scheduled a meeting with the traditional and community leaders to fashion out ways of digging Talbut dam”

Chairmen Parley: Hon Vincent Venman Bulus (former Langtang South Chairman and now House of Representatives Member)and Hon Godwin Nanmwa Kumzhi, TIC Chairman,Langtang North

“This act of generosity is a testament to Hon Bulus’s dedication to the people he represents. By contributing to the cultural celebration, he is not only showing his support for the community’s traditions and heritage but also investing in the social and economic development of the Bwarat people”.

“The impact of Hon Bulus’s donation goes beyond just the monetary value. It sends a powerful message to the people of Bwarat and Tabut that their representative cares about their well-being and is willing to support initiatives that bring the community together and promote cultural preservation”.

According to the media team, the former Langtang South Local Government Chairman’s “donation sets a positive example for other leaders and community members to follow. It shows that even a small contribution can make a significant difference in the lives of those in need and can help to foster a sense of unity and solidarity within the community”.

The Pragmatic Leader, Hon Bulus and Prince Ponfa Timbut Useni, Danburam Bwarat And Prince Ponfa Audu Wuyep, President of Bwarat Community Development Association While Ponzhi Bwarat, His Royal Highness Compt Ponfa Bahal Watches On

Hon Vincent Venman Bulus also sued for closer working relationship regardless of political affiliation in the interest of the land. According to Pointblank News Blog, the occasions were also attended by Arc Samuel Nanchang Jatau, FNIA Secretary to the Government of the State who shared fun moments with the honourable member, Hon Joshua Ubandoma, Hon Godwin Nanmwa Kumzhi, TIC Chairman, Langtang North, former Personal Assistant to Hon Bulus predecessor, now Commissioner for Housing while Sen Jeremiah Timbut Useni, the Sarduna Nasarawa and Plateau was on hand to bless his children


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