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Hon Nanmwa Godwin Kumzhi: A Political Asset and A Team Player says Hon Ponzip Sanda “Zipper”


…Appreciates Gov Mutfwang for the gift of Hon Kumzhi to Tarok nation, describes his appointment as divine and likens him to Joshua in the Bible

The decision of the Amiable Governor of Plateau State and the Captain of the time is now mantra, His Excellency Barr Caleb Manasseh Mutfwang to appoint Hon Nanmwa Godwin Kumzhi, an epitome of humility as the Transition Implementation Committee Chairman of Langtang North has been described as divine according to prominent political, traditional, youth, religious and community leaders. Leading the applause in glorification to the governor for the wise decision is Hon Ponzip Sanda Zipper the Political Bulldozer of Southern Zone and Liaison Officer to Sen Napoleon Binkap Bali.

In his words the effective and efficient grassroots mobilizer, Hon Zipper submitted that “In our current political life where there is an unquenchable quest for the diversion of public fund, massaging of ego, self-centeredness and superciliousness, Hon Nanmwa G. Kumzhi Lar has continued to distinguish himself by providing exemplary leadership through his extremely cool-headedness and soft spoken words”. He described the seasoned banker cum administrator’s leadership ideology as that of someone who sees “democracy as a means of self-determination and full freedom of the people not only to those who are appointed but to the electorates who should constantly engage their leaders to provide the basic needs of the society”. He continued that “Hon Kumzhi’s natural simplicity and humility has continually established that those elected or appointed, especially politicians are not supposed to assume the form of super humans with celebrated arrogance by creating a luxurious atmosphere for themselves alone to the detriment of the masses, but rather are expected to have less hours of sleep thinking of what to do to alleviate the suffering of the electorates”.

Pathetically, yet undeniably, the logic of the Tarok political leadership class has been that of self-service and clannish inclination as some of the leaders are mired in the pursuit of selfish and personal goals at the expense of general interests. “Consequently, emphasis has been on personal aggrandisement, clannish preference and self-glorification with the result that self-centeredness and inexplicable ego has become the euphemism for explaining political leadership in Tarokland. This explains why local government administrations in Langtang North LGA for so many years have been rancorous and confrontational. But Hon Kumzhi in a short period of time has delivered leadership tutorials to the people”.

According to Hon Zipper “unlike the frequent clash for superiority and dominance, Kumzhi has seamlessly worked in deliberate synergy and strategy with political leaders like Sen. Napolean Binkap Bali, the Secretary to the Government of the State, Arc Samuel Nanchang Jatau and hosts of other leaders both from the PDP and other parties. His leadership skills have endeared him to many including the members of the opposition party who are on the verge on joining the number one citizen of Langtang North in the same party, the PDP for the greater good of the Local government. Indeed, Hon Kumzhi can best be described as team player who is always willing to forgo any ego to work with both his superior and subordinates”.   Just like Joshua, a charismatic warrior who led Israel in the conquest of Canaan after the exodus from Egypt, “Hon Kumzhi is a sincere and humble leader”. Hon Zipper concluded that “just like Joshua who in the beginning was just an ordinary man, but did his responsibilities with sincerity and positive perspective, Hon Kumzhi has done his job quietly with sincerity and humbleness”

Speaking exclusively to pointblank.com.ng, Hon Zipper expresses the grassroots total commitment, loyalty and support to Governor Mutfwang’s administration for using Hon Kumzhi to bring the dividends of democracy to the people. It will be fondly remembered that Hon Kumzhi’s led administration has organized free medical outreach, renovated the official residence of the Chairman, designed and planned Zamko market, paid outstanding salaries of Teachers and Local Government Staff inherited from past administrations, enhanced security by refurbishing and procurement of NSCDC Vehicle, purchase of motor cycles for security agencies to access topographically difficult areas, distributed fertilizers and sponsored widows to Mangu for six months etc


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