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Instead of Compassion for his compromised victory, Tinubu unleashed trauma on Nigerians – Solomon Selkap Dalung


The former Minister of Youth and Sports Development during former President Muhammadu Buhari’s first tenure, Barr Solomon Selkap Dalung has again called out President Bola Ahmed Tinubu for “unleashing trauma on Nigerians” instead of “compassion” for a flawed election that brought him to power.

The Comrade cum politician took to his social media handle on “X” formerly known as Twitter to bemoan President Tinubu’s insincerity to accept that the election that produced him was marred with gross irregularities and malpractices

Barr Dalung in a sharp contrast to Tinubu’s adamant stance that his election was flawless went down memory lane to compare President Bola Ahmed Tinubu with late President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua. “Yar Adua was an honest leader, he admitted that his “election was flawed”, and promised reforms.”

He however said “@officialABAT played Kama by grabbing power”, but he could not run away with it.”. This is a similar protest call to what the former University Don said few days ago about President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

He said Tinubu has successfully stolen power, he should perform the Lagos miracle he promised Nigerian. Recall that President Tinubu has always referenced Lagos as his administrative handwriting. This swayed so many Nigerians into voting him

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu being accused by Barr Solomon S. Dalung of unleashing trauma instead of compassion on Nigerians

The founding father of APC in Plateau State without mincing words, a characteristic he’s globally acknowledged for, bombed President Tinubu when he continued “Instead of compassion, he unleashed trauma on the people with his anti-people policies”

Barr Dalung just a few days ago had heavily criticize the President Tinubu’s policies citing his administrative malnourishment and ineptitude as the reason for the current economic hardship Nigerians are suffering.

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This was a direct contrast to what the president’s cabinet members initially publicized – blaming Tinubu’s predecessor and Dalung’s boss, Buhari for the economic woes in a deliberate strategy to deflect the pressure off their boss – Tinubu

The 2015 APC Gubernatorial Aspirant in Plateau State is launching the attack on the day organized labour have set aside to protest on the streets of Nigeria to register their displeasure with Tinubu’s policies which have brought untold hardship on the people


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