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Intriguing Encounters Continue In The Rt. Hon. Amb. Gabriel K. Dewan Inter-Ward Competition


In the ongoing Rt Hon Amb Gabriel K. Dewan Pankshin North Inter-wards Unity and Peace Football Tournament, Wuseli Ward shared the spoils with Belning Ward in an entertaining encounter that kept fans on the edge of their seats on Friday, 16/2/2024.

The intriguing tight contest on the pitch saw Emmanuel Yaluna and Paul Nanshap registering their names on the score sheet for Wuseli Ward while Belning Ward relied on Wudelwe Chinkula to score one for them and thankfully received a post Valentine’s Day gift of an own goal from Kirnen Godit to avoid defeat

Players Exchanging Pleasantries Before Starting Hostilities

In the second match of the day, Mukang/Nyelleng Ward confirm their superiority over Kadung Ward courtesy of Nendi Gambo’s lone goal 

Later today, Wokkos Ward will set out to outshine Kangshu Ward in what promises to be an explosive encounter in the early kick off at 2pm

Fierce Hostilities Going on, on the Pitch

Later at 4pm Wuseli Ward will seek to get its axes together and avoid another draw in a bit to qualify for the Quarter Finals by defeating Kasgwong Ward.

According to Media Officer of the competition, Rotshak Nuhu Mbok, all the intriguing fixtures are taking place at GSS Bet, Pankshin



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