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‘President’ Pirfa Jingfa Tyem: Celebrating A Friend From Unionism, Legislative Domain and to the Charge of Domestic Revenue Mobilization By Miri Timnan Nyantau (M.T.N)


On the occasion of a prosperous birthday, it is both a privilege and an honour to celebrate a friend who over the course of many years of acquaintance has become a brother. Of course, the days of struggles and indefatigability as unionists at the famous University of Jos for a better tomorrow both for personal and public development feature prominently.

While we both laid early inscriptions as dogged comrades who could sacrifice everything in defence of students’ rights, Hon Pirfa Jingfa Tyem led excellently as the National President of Tarok Students Association (Tarosa) and my himself, the first Tarok student to be so elected as the President of National Association of Plateau State Students, NAPSS, University of Jos Chapter

A relatively quiet and calm personality (maybe these inherited traits of his have proven to be his weaknesses because opponents and critics easily jump on his calmness to attack his personality without any provocation), laid an early marker as having known each other for decades now since who distinguished citizen and seasoned bureaucrat, the Hon Pirfa Jingfa Tyem has grown to perfectly combine politics and a technocracy. This is not surprising because as opposed to the characteristic unquenchable quest for materialism and massaging of ego by students leaders, Tyem was a direct opposite – he funded Tarosa activities and programs in quietness

Hon Pirfa Jingfa Tyem, A Legislative Luminary during his legislative tenure, legislating with an impressive understanding of the specificities and peculiarities of his constituents’ needs

Known for his extraordinary contributions in both policy formulations and execution of constituency projects without the usual Nigeria projects delay as the member representing Langtang North – North State constituency in the Plateau State House of Assembly between 2019 – 2023 and current Special Adviser to the Plateau State Governor on Domestic Revenue Mobilization, it becomes imperative that we celebrate the birth of this gentleman.

Born to the family of Chief Cirtau Vongmam Tyem (Dan Masanin Langtang), his journey depicts renowned track record of public service fortified by a persistent pursuit of social justice and economic advancement just like his father. His legislative tenure was marked by significant strides towards people-oriented policies and a dedication anchored on astounding leadership qualities that indisputably distinguished him from other legislators and, eventually as a Special Adviser to Governor Caleb Manasseh Mutfwang.

Hon. Tyem alongside his two inseparable colleagues, Rt Hon Abok Ayuba Azi, the Speaker during their days and Rt Hon Gwottson Dalyop Fom forming the three wise-men of the assembly represented the core of democratic governance during his legislative tenure, legislating with a striking thoughtfulness of the specificities and peculiarities of his constituents’ needs.

The Three Wisemen: From the Left to the Right; Rt Hon Gwottson Dalyop Fom, Hon Pirfa Jingfa Tyem and Rt Hon Abok Ayuba Azi

Tyem’s thirst for collective development was echoed in the laws and motions he moved, which were intended at improving the living conditions of the people. His strategic shared vision with his colleagues went beyond mere partisanship; he fought undeterred even as a minority in the house to foster policies that would overlay the path for sustainable growth and progress

Ambushed in a bloodless political coup by the self-acclaimed demigods who aggregated to themselves the powers of selecting and anointing stooges otherwise known as “Yes Sir” boys, Tyem was denied a return to the house for the second term. However, as the popular saying goes, the brightness of the sun cannot be concealed in a fist, so was this shining star noticed yet again to the dismay of the generalissimos by the amiable governor of Plateau State His Excellency, Barr Caleb Manasseh Mutfwang. Today, Tyem continues to bring about change by stepping into an executive role as the Special Adviser on Domestic Revenue Mobilisation. An accomplished revenue generation guru, his role is just as fitting as the breath of the air he inhales.

Hon Pirfa Jingfa Tyem envisages Plateau State with an impregnable financial autonomy capable of initiating developmental projects

Equipped with a sound knowledge, training and background on tax, the enduring challenges of mobilising domestic revenue in a state like Plateau which include difficulties such as a paucity of viable industries, a largely informal economy, widespread poverty, and issues of tax evasion and avoidance are surmountable.

Happy Birthday Hon. Pirfa Jingfa Tyem! Age gracefully to the glory of God and service to humanity Bhuzu! Let the joyful sounds of music and rhythmic popping of champagne find abode in the skies!


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