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NIO President worldwide  Amb. Nanpon Danjuma Sheni, presents a congratulatory card to CP Abel Jangnap Zwalchir Miri


The President Ngwang Ishi O’Tarok Amb Nanpon Danjuma Sheni has chosen an approach of eulogizing service professionals by the congratulatory card presented to the newly promoted commissioner of police on Thursday, 07 March 2024. This is both an embodiment of the values he holds dear and a powerful conversation on the importance of recognition in the public service sector.

The choice of a physical congratulatory card  by the Umbrella body of Tarok socio cultural organization, Ngwang Ishi O’Tarok to the newly promoted Commissioner of Police, Mr Abel Jangnap Zwalchir Miri, in an age where digital communication methods are singing, demonstrates O’Tarok’s commitment to a more personal and authentic form of expression. It is indicative of his anticipation that this personal acknowledgment will inspire a sense of commitment and motivation in the newly promoted commissioner.

Amb Sheni while presenting the congratulatory card to the newly decorated Commissioner of Police, Abel Miri said “O’Tarok’s decision to take a front-row seat with physical congratulatory message to the new commissioner is an endorsement of the Commissioner’s police force’s work”. His symbolic gesture of presenting a congratulatory card to the new police commissioner serves multiple roles, from personal appreciation to a broader social dialogue on the value of service and positivity in the workplace.

CP Abel Jangnap Zwalchir Miri receiving the congratulatory card from the NIO President, Amb Nanpon Danjuma Sheni

The physically elated retired Federal Permanent Secretary publicly extols the virtue of the Commissioner of the Police whom he describes as “resilient, dedicated and hardworking”. This gesture by the apex body of the Tarok nation epitomizes the endorsement of Tarok people’s believe in serving the public and reforming the police force. The President also intimated him about the forthcoming ilum O’Tarok and his role therein.

According to www.pointblank.com.ng, the excited new CP in Charge of Force ICT who was overwhelmed by joy thanked the Tarok nation for identifying with him and promised to continue to be a good ambassador of the Tarok people in the Police and pledged to support the forthcoming ilum O’Tarok slated for April 27th, 2024 at the Langtang Mini Stadium.

The CP incharge of Force ICT with the NIO delegation

The NIO President was accompanied on the congratulatory visit by the first Vice President of NIO, Dr. Karnak Dandam, NIO National Treasurer Chief, DR. J. Nimfa, Chief Jacknap Johnson, Mr Selman Dashe and Po O’Tarok Bwari.

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