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JUST IN: Executive Order 003 Signed By Gov Mutfwang Takes Off To A Full Enforcement By JMDB Amidst Cheers And Commendations By Citizenry As Arc Bankat Promises Comprehensive Enforcement


Dissatisfied with the unacceptable manner in which Jos, the capital city of Plateau State, had over the years witnessed adverse impacts of unplanned urbanization — stretching from degradation of urban spaces and landmarks to the rapidly increasing crisis of waste management, His Excellency, Barr Caleb Manasseh Mutfwang, the Executive Governor of Plateau State issued Executive Order 003 to take effect today, 19th March, 2024. An Executive Order is a democratic administrative decree issued to facilitate the speedy advancement of a policy.

The order focuses upon on key aspects of urban development that Jos direly needs; improvement of infrastructure, better sanitation, preservation of landmarks, and globally inclusive planning strategies. The Executive Order 003 revolves around urban development endeavours aimed at remoulding Jos into a modern capital. The crux of this Order is an unparalleled commitment to restoring and enhancing the urban landscape of Jos while preserving its core heritage and ecosystem with serene appearance

Governor Mutfwang’s enactment of Executive Order 003 is seen as a tactical plan towards socio-economic growth. Essentially, priority is given to infrastructure renewal, proper urban planning, preservation of famous landmarks, prevention of incessant loss of lives and properties as a result of heavy vehicles accidents particularly around Polo Round About, improved sanitation and indiscriminate parking of trucks along major streets such as Dadikowa, Bauchi road, Army Engineer, Zaria road and elimination of unacceptable littering of streets with waste that have defaced the once cherished tourist haven.  

Ensuring the full enforcement of Executive Order 003 is the foremost responsibility of Jos Metropolitan Development Board, JMDB. This order empowers the JMDB with the authority to modernize urban development projects in alignment with the envisioned goals. At the same time, it places JMDB as a powerful regulator for effective implementation

The pessimism that has always greet the implementation and enforcement of beautiful laws and regulations in Nigeria was however changed on Tuesday, 19th March, 2024 with the immediacy and absoluteness of JMDB’s enforcement, signifying potential hastiness or lack of consideration for potential weaknesses. Led by the determined and focused General Manager, Arc Hart Bankat, JMDB’s enthusiasm and commitment to implementing the order is a testament of leadership transformative changes. Implementing such a determined set of reforms is no mean feat.

JMDB Lowbed Seen Hauling Away Heavy Truck In Total And Comprehensive Enforcement Of Executive Order 003

Citizens’ overwhelming support appears to be an endorsement of the governor’s administrative acumen and ardent believe in the political will of JMDB to enforce the Order. Speaking exclusively to www.pointblank.com.ng, an excited resident, Kelvin Dens said “seriously, Arc Hart Bankat is dpoing great. The talk and do General Manager. I don’t know that Dadikowa can be like this till today. The trucks have been causing commotions and accidents. Allowing them to come to town by 9pm is a thoughtful idea by His Excellency, Governor Mutfwang”.

A Youth leader, Comrade Jesse Nanden Zwalda told www.pointblank.com.ng that “I am now convinced, ever before that the serene landscape of Plateau is recoverable. The zeal of the General Manager and his team to implement the Order is highly commendable”. Collaborating Zwalda’s optimism is the Director of Operations, Mutfwang Youth Campaign Organization, Hon Timchang Ndam. “We knew it was just a matter of time that the governor transformed the state. On a daily basis, we are justified with a high sense of fulfilment that we believed in, worked for and delivered the Mutfwang’s candidature with the Time Is Now Mantra” he boasted.

The Comprehensive Implementation of the Executive Order 003 is not insulated from criticisms. A legal practitioner who wouldn’t want his name mentioned said “before the enforcement, truck parks ought to have been created at the outskirts of the city capital for them to park. Passing through Maraba Jama’a, you will see an endless queue of indiscriminate trucks parked on both shoulders of the road making it difficult for cars to pass. This is just like transferring the hazards from city centre to the entrances of the city”

H.E Barr Caleb Manasseh Mutfwang, Executive Governor of Plateau State, Signed the Executive Order 003

A Pharmacist, Julfa Kumswa however called for holistic enforcement “Bauchi road seems to be above the law. Is it a selective enforcement? I am currently passing through University of Jos Senior Staff Quarters to Bauchi road campus but I can see trucks parked and others moving here”.

Responding to the level of enforcement so far, Arc Hart Bankat said, “this is the day one of the implementation but you can see the level of enforcement. JMDB has started confiscation of heavy duty trucks and illegal parking of cars/trucks in Jos Metropolis. We don’t access ourselves, we allow the people we are serving to assess us. But one thing is sure, we are not scared of whose ox would be gored, the right thing must be done at all times and I can assure you that under my watch we are all humans and equals”.

Arc Hart Bankat, GM, JMDB Overseeing The Comprehensive Enforcement of Executive Order 003

It will be recalled that the General Manager, Arc Bankat while featuring as the Guest on the Maiden Edition of Pointblank News Blog Interactive Session said “the executive order is His Excellency’s swift response to feedbacks we got from consultations and stakeholders towards bringing back sanity to the state, it is our expectation that if fully implemented Plateau would take its place in the comity of states”


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