In the irrefutable genuineness of a developmental minded administration, two crucial qualities are continuously combined together – the political will and personal philosophy to leave indelible marks on the sands of time. Unveiling the successes of this epitome of humility, Hon Hamisu Anani Mohammed brings to public domain the accomplishments achieved with rare unpretentiousness and complete quietness. This is because, the unassuming humble Chairman of Wase Local Government Area, Hon Hamisu Anani Mohammed who doubles as the ALGON Chairman Plateau State, prefers going about his duties with rare commitment, unmatchable determination and focus while achieving greatness in absolute silence without necessarily attracting the usual media frenzy

This incontrovertible article by www.pointblank.com.ng Chief Editor seeks to make public the developmental strides of an incomparable man who has cemented his status as a beacon of hope in local government system. Hon Hamisu Anani Mohammed is one man who unleashes human and physical development every single day of his administration and keeps fusing the grassroots with Gov. Caleb M. Mutfwang’s administration of TIME IS NOW mantra in an inseparable union.

Since the dawn of Nigeria to democratic dispensation on the 29th May, 1999, the achievements and impact of the third tier of government – the local government have left much to be desired. Political analysts and local government administrators have tried to justify the disappointing out-comings of the occupants of the offices, citing amongst many challenges, interference from the State Governments, lack of autonomy, financial strangling, inadequate qualified personnel, corruption etc

However, all those were to change in Wase Local Government with the ingenuity and resilience of an extremely prudent manager of personnel and administrator of commonwealth, Hon Hamisu Anani Mohammed who was rightly appointed in June 2023 by the Executive Governor of Plateau State, Barr Caleb Manasseh Mutfwang to superintend over the affairs of the third largest local government in terms of land mass in Nigeria.

Famous Wase Rock

Little had Barr Mutfwang appointed Hon Anani that he would go on to justify Late Chinua Achebe who almost forty years ago, had correctly disagreed with analysts’ diagnosis of the problems of stagnation at the local governments. Achebe said “the trouble with Nigeria is simply and squarely a failure of leadership. There is nothing wrong with the Nigerian land or climate or water or air or anything else. The Nigerian problem is the unwillingness or inability of its leaders to rise to the responsibility, to the challenges of personal example which are the hallmarks of true leadership”.

Barr Caleb Manasseh Mutfwang, Executive Governor of Plateau State

Anani’s personal background, political career journey, his people-oriented programmes, remarkable accomplishments amidst daunting challenges, and enduring legacies, amongst sundry issues in Wase in less than one year have aptly demonstrated that with the right people in position of leadership, Nigeria can indeed be great again

Born into a family of a politician with politics in his DNA – his father was both a respected Islamic leader and grassroots politician –Anani’s perfectly combined a multidimensional style of leadership, ensuring progress and well-being. With Anani faultlessly placed on the driving seat, Wase Local Government has witnessed momentous advancements in various sectors, making it a blossoming and prospering. Indeed, the TIME IS NOW for people of Wase Local Government

A journey into the sectorial developmental milestones of Hon Hamisu Anani Mohammed reveals the following amazing strides:

Education: Perhaps, it is necessary to mention here that because Hon Anani is himself a Masters’ Degree Holder, his zeal to ensure education succeeds was strong. Under the watchful eyes of Hon Anani, education has flourished. He did this by offering scholarship to indigenes into different tertiary institutions, prominent amongst them are Dr. Haruna Abdullahi College of Health, Wase and Abdullahi Maikano College of Education, Wase and Ahmadu Bello Polytechnic, Wase. He has ensured prompt payment of teachers salaries and the renovation of schools.

Hon Hamisu Anani Mohammed displaying scholarship form

Water Supply: Undeniably, one of the major challenges faced in Wase is the provision of portable water for drinking and domestic use. Determined to conquer this challenge, Hon Anani rehabilitated the Solar Powered Overhead Tank at Wase Motor Park. Not contented with that, and as a prudent manager, he purchased borehole drilling machine to ensure every village has a borehole in no distant time

Borehole Drilling Machine Purchased By Hon. Hamisu Anani Mohammed

Agriculture: It suffices to say that agriculture is the main source of living of the people of Wase. Neglecting this all important sector is like going to bed with your roof on fire. Hon Anani then distributed fertilizers at a record low price. Coincidentally, the astute administrator specializes in animal production up to Master Degree level, hence the unsurprising Free Anthrax Vaccine given to animals was expected 

Hon Hamisu Anani Mohammed Flagging Up Subsidized Fertilizers

Empowerment and Empathy: Realizing the irreplaceable worth of a stable economy for peace, financial independence and self -sustainability of the citizens, Hon. Anani’s administration has empowered various groups, including the distribution of rice palliatives to the poorest of poor.

Hon Hamisu Anani Mohammed Distributing Rice As Palliative

Healthcare: He has made notable progress in the healthcare subsector by providing free medical outreach and free eye screenings for the elderly. He has also renovated Primary Health Centres that were unserviceable for easy access to medical care.

Hon Hamisu Anani Mohammed Testing Eye Glasses During A Free Medical Screening

Rural Electrification: Special accolades must be reserved for this soft-spoken, achiever par excellence. Hon Anani wrote his name in gold by connecting Wase Town to the National Grid for the very first time. He also illuminated various streets with solar

Installation of Electric Poles to Connect Wase to National Grid

Security: Realizing his major responsibility as the Chief Security Officer of Wase, Hon Anani, has continued to support security agencies saddled with the responsibilities of maintaining law and order no wonder, the once troubled Local Government that is larger than Lagos State in size has been relatively calm and peaceful

Establishment of Wase Radio/Television Station: It should be noted that in the whole of the 774 LGAs of Nigeria, no single local government owns a serviceable radio and TV Station except Wase. This was achieved by the workaholic Chairman, Hon Anani. He has brought empowered his people by bringing information closer to them to enable them make informed social, political, economic and health decisions because it is said that if you are not informed, you are deformed. Suffice it to note that this radio and television station has a wider reach covering some parts of over six states

Hon Habila Vongs, an Anani’s political godson inside Wase Radio and TV Station

If one phrase can describe the stewardship of Hon Hamisu Anani Mohammed in conclusion, it will definitely be exemplary leadership! Indeed, he is worthy of being the Chairman of Chairmen in Plateau State.


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