The attention of Sen Useni PDP Group in Plateau State has been drawn to statements credited to one Sen Jonah Jang on behalf of his group calling for the suspension of PDP members across Plateau State including respected senior leaders in the political field of Plateau from PDP. While it is not in our character to join issues with people who obviously are struggling to even forgive themselves on their past antecedents and mishaps, it has however become very necessary to clear the air and set the records straight.

We wish to over emphasize our resolve to remain in PDP with NO inch of shaking elsewhere,we wish to clearly state that majority of the founding and foundation members of our party PDP and sponsors since 1998 remain active members of our ideology upto date, no matter the schemes, shenanigans, machinations and threats by Sen Jangs group,his cohorts and active collaborators in abuja. We are determined to resist any further attempts to frustrate our members within the party using every available means at our disposal.

Time and space may not be sufficient enough for us to respond to Sen Jang if we’re to pick on him issue by issue because he is an embodiment of disunity,chronic tribal/religious bigot who is trying hard to run away even from his own shadow.

It is no longer secret that the 80yrs old elder statesman is trading for safety from the thorough eyes of the antigraft agencies over corruption allegations hanging deep on his neck and has deployed means to escape the scene by pretending to be sympathetic to APC’s presidency while helping to destabilize PDP from making progress in the future at the center.

It’s pertinent to ask the following questions: when has Sen Jonah Jang the initiator and executioner of antiparty activities against PDP Presidential candidate Alh Atiku Abubakar become the disciplinary master in PDP? Just recently his co-collaborator Ex-Gov Samuel Ortom said to the media that PDP may not have a presidential candidate in Nigeria ahead of 2027 general elections, during a visit to their headquarters in Rivers State. What else do these people want rather than the premature burial of PDP to satisfy thei selfish aim while their supporters clap in ignorance to the real game.

Before the suspension will reach the rural areas let it start from the big masquerades who handled the financial dealings of the party during the last general elections and lost their pulling units woefully to opposition patties.

For the records, PDP lost Du Polling unit to Labour Party Presidential Candidate woefully while PDP won Senate and House of Representatives in an election conducted on the same day. The Same thing happened in Mangu LGA where Gov Caleb Manasseh Mutfwang lost his Polling unit to Labour Party Presidential candidate as well as a dramatic and very surprising lost of PDP Senatorial candidate and House of Representatives candidates to APC in his unit, ward and LGA. It is then surprising that the man/group who never supported President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and had blackmailed him wiping deep and sowing an unforgettable scare of very injurious religious sentiments tagging it “Muslim Muslim Ticket” at the polls are now claiming to be his shield today. If Mr Tinubu hasn’t won the election as Sen Jang and group wished, how could they have been sarcastically supporting him today? Could this desperate show of gimmicks support to Mr Tinubu be regarded as an unavoidable strategy to gain sympathy and escape the eagle eyes of antigraft agencies which have found scary financial embezzlement committed by the past administration when he served as the governor of the state?

Let it be on records too that the PDP Presidential campaign funds came to the state through the same Sen Jang and Hon Dakas Shan. The funds were never disbursed to any member of our group across the state.

It’s important to note also that the roles played in sinking PDP to it’s present dilapidated stage while pretending still remain fresh in our memories. Recall that PDP lost the Presidency in 2015 when 19 Governors voted for Gov Amechi and 16 voted for Jonah Jang as Nigeria Governor’s forum chairman but despite losing through clear votes Gov Jang then continued parading himself as Governor’s forum chairman to the acceptability of the then President Good luck Ebele Jonathan and the situation deteriorated until the 19 Governors left the party and formed a merger which produced APC. This chronicles the beginning of PDP’s woes and in Plateau he never believed in zoning system as can be traced to 2015 and in 2023. He viewed his mind interest and decided to look for an ally who will help in fighting his battles ahead and the miscalculation of the then ruling party in the state led to this noise and outburst today.

The adamant and undemocratic stance of Jonah Jang and group led PDP to losing ALL Senate,ALL House of Representatives and ALL House of Assembly seats to Labour Party and APC in Plateau State at the tribunals escaping with only one slot through Federal mights intervention, Instead of showing remorse and having sober reflection, Jang being an old soldier who believe in never die spirit, is playing the blame game by quickly shifting the blame to a group led by a Rtd lieutenant general to score invalid points to his blind supporters to which ordinary there should have been existing respect.

Today the party and Government is epileptic in nature while they so much believe the new Tinubu worship and melodic songs will cement a relationship that will lead Tinubu into abandoning his APC party men and women/the much castigated Muslim Muslim followers to pitch tent with them. Jang is trying in vain to brandish Ex-Governor Lalong’s weak points as reason for President Tinubu to accommodate them for a 2027 magic.

If the Jonah Jang group means well for President Tinubu,they should start preaching the manifestos of the APC rather than isolating the party whom they’ve blackmail in the fabrics of Plateau People and are now praising Tinubu led Federal Government which is a pure product of the party APC.

In conclusion, Sen Jang and his followers should be honourable enough to face the consequences of there political inconsistencies, disobedient to court orders and direct confrontations with the rule of law and antiparty activities as well as financial misappropriation allegations against them even within the PDP and stop trying to construct a bridge where no river exists for soccur in the eyes of their followers.

Emmanuel Macham
Spokesman, JT Useni PDP Group


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