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Bwarat Community Development Association Cultural Day Tagged ‘Ilum Oga Bwarat’ 2024: A Textile of Tradition and Evolution, Beckons Yet Again


Bwarat Community Development Association (CDA) Cultural Day is a yearly event that dedicates itself to preserving the integrity of the past while advocating for a modern, integrated future. A lively atmosphere filled with an array of cultural displays, it encapsulates the eye-catching tapestry of tradition intermingled with progress. 

As 2024 beckons, planning and preparations underlined by frenzied excitement set the pace for the forthcoming Bwarat Community Development Association (BCDA) Cultural Day christened Ilum Oga O’Bwarat 2024. Headed by the humble and empathetic Prince Ponfa Audu Wuyep as the National President, who exemplifies going above and beyond, attending to both serious and trivial issues with caution, conviction and follow-through within Bwarat community, and perfectly reinforced by a down to earth and experienced custodian of Bwarat tradition, Retired Controller of Customs, HRH Ponfa Bahal, the Ponzhi Bwarat, the preparations are expected.

Remarkably, the festivities kick-started on Wednesday 13th March 2024,  with the anticipated Second Edition of the Ponzhi Bwarat Peace and Unity Football Competition – awaited with bated breath, the Ponzhi Bwarat Cup, a revered competition embellished with traditional tones of cheers, echoes the community’s respect for sportsmanship, discipline, and high performance. In unison with the Bwarat’s philosophies of cohesive living and collective growth, this competition strives to create a platform that encourages healthy competition and community interaction.

The thrilling competition shall climax with a breath taking final at the iconic Useni Memorial College, UMC Dadur Football field at 3:00pm on the 29th March, 2024 with the fearless former Minister of Youth and Sports Development, Hon Barr Solomon Selcap Dalung, Col Butko Salmwang (Rtd), Mrs Fatima Gambo Zamaguni, Mrs Nandir David  Dashe as Special Guests of Honour.

As an advanced and contemporary society not ready to be caught lagging behind, a roster of other extra curriculum serves as a testament to the harmonious cohabitation of age-old traditions with forward-thinking innovation. A Symposium with the topic “Entrepreneurship, Education and Socio Economic Development In Bwarat Land”scheduled for 29th March, 2024 at Binchak Country Lodge, Kangkur – Dadur road by noon is to be chaired by Dr Karnak Pyenkwam Dandam and assisted by Rt Hon Joyce Lohya Ramnap as the chairlady while Mr Lohbut Zwalchir is saddled with the enormous responsibility of reawakening the sleeping giants in Bwarat people as the Guest Speaker.

At the peak of the side attractions, as the shadow falls, is the well timed and organized Gala Night and Miss Bwarat Beauty Pageant fixed for the same 29th March by 7pm at Dangin Event Centre Dadur, a serene environment perfectly situated to host world class events such as this

The culminating point of activities is scheduled for the 30th of March 2024 at UMC Dadur by 11am with an appeal fund raising of Twenty Million naira only (20,000,000.00k) for the Empowerment of Bwarat Youths On Skills Acquisition And Non Formal Education Sector, as the grandeur of Bwarat culture will be showcased on a resonant stage of heritage and unity. The grand finale is to be chaired by Hon Ephraim Usman, Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, Plateau State while Mrs Julie Napoleon Bali is the chair lady. The high hopes of the Bwarat community to reduces youth restiveness and ensuring gainful empowerment through appeal fund raising is to be led by Hon Prince Vincent Venman Bulus, Member, representing Langtang North and South Federal Constituency as the Chief Fund Raiser. The traditional institution in Tarok land shall be led by the Ponzhi Zini, His Royal Majesty, Nimnan Langnim, Ponzhi Zini and Acting President Langtang Joint Traditional Council to be received by the Host Royal Father, HRH Compt. Ponfa Rudyard Bahal, the Ponzhi Bwarat and the backbone on which the Prince Ponfa Audu Wuyep led BCDA Exco has been flying effortlessly into the skies of progress and successes. Amb Nanpon Danjuma Sheni, National President, Ngwang Ishi O’Tarok Worldwide shall lead all Tarok sons and daughters to this epoch making event that has never disappointed guests since Prince Ponfa Audu Wuyep mounted the wheel of leadership of BCDCA

Finally, the BCDCA Cultural Day serves as a beacon of cultural rebirth within the community, conserving ancient elements while adopting modern sensibilities. It presents a standpoint into the past while also celebrating the present, whereby each footstep in the array of activities symbolizes the vision of a community that cherishes its culture and builds its modern distinctiveness upon the strong footing of its tradition.

Miri Timnan Nyantau (M.T.N), the Majidadin Gazum is the Editor In Chief, Pointblank News Blog and is reachable on www.pointblank.com.ng and 08086223898


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