Professor (Assoc.) & Rev. Elias Nankap Lamle
Centre for Conflict Management and Peace Studies
University of Jos

As Plateau State prepares for a unique Thanksgiving on the 2nd of June 2024, the air is filled with a profound sense of purpose and solemnity. This event is not the typical celebration marked by indulgence, empty speeches, and superficial camaraderie. Instead, it signifies a heartfelt assembly where the aspirations of the Plateau people, long suppressed under years of stagnation and misgovernment, find their ultimate expression in a collective outpouring of gratitude and hope.

The Context of Suffering and Prayer. For many years, Plateau State endured a period of what can only be described as a draconian rule characterized by a lack of progress. The dreams and aspirations of its people seemed perpetually deferred. Frustration grew as promises of development and good governance repeatedly fell flat, leaving the populace in a state of disillusionment. In this climate of despair, the people turned to their faith, fervently praying for divine intervention to redeem their land from the clutches of misgovernment.

The Rise of Governor Caleb Mutfwang. Their prayers were answered in the election of Governor Caleb Mutfwang, a leader whose emergence was seen not just as a political victory but as a divinely orchestrated event. Mutfwang’s leadership symbolizes a new dawn, a break from the past, and the beginning of an era focused on genuine progress and development. His administration has been marked by a direct and tangible improvement in the lives of the Plateau people, fulfilling the long-held aspirations nurtured during the dark times of their history.

A Thanksgiving of Unionism and Purpose. The upcoming Thanksgiving on the 2nd of June is not merely a ceremonial event for Governor Mutfwang and his cabinet. It is a profound moment for the entire Plateau State to come together in unionism, to collectively give thanks to God for answering their prayers. This assembly goes beyond the superficial; it is a deep, heartfelt expression of gratitude for the divine intervention that brought about a new phase of governance—one that is committed to delivering real and meaningful changes in the lives of the people.

An Assembly of Gratitude and Hope. This Thanksgiving is an assembly where the people of Plateau State will gather not to indulge in merriment, but to reflect on their journey from despair to hope. They will express their gratitude for the answered prayers that led to the election of Governor Mutfwang, acknowledging the divine hand in their recent political transition. This event also serves as an opportunity for the people to pray for continued grace and guidance for their Governor as he steers the state toward further development and prosperity.

The Symbolism of the Thanksgiving. The symbolism of this Thanksgiving is profound. It represents a collective sigh of relief from the populace, a moment to look back at the struggles and appreciate the progress made. It is a testament to the power of faith and the resilience of a community that refused to give up hope. This Thanksgiving serves as a reminder that even in the darkest times, the collective prayers and efforts of a determined people can bring about remarkable change.

Governor Mutfwang’s Commitment to Development. Under Governor Mutfwang’s leadership, Plateau State has seen significant strides in various sectors. His administration has prioritized infrastructure development, healthcare improvements, Agricultural advancement, scientific innovations, educational advancements, and economic growth. These efforts are not just policy changes but are seen as answers to the prayers of the people, tangible evidence of a government that listens and responds to its citizens’ needs.

A Call to Continued Vigilance and Prayer. While Thanksgiving is a moment of celebration, it is also a call to continued vigilance and prayer. The people of Plateau State understand that the journey to complete transformation is ongoing. They recognize the need to support their Governor with continued prayers, asking for wisdom, strength, and protection as he navigates the challenges ahead. The Thanksgiving is both a look back at the progress made and a forward-looking prayer for sustained development and stability.

A Model for Genuine Thanksgiving. This Thanksgiving sets a new standard for what such events should embody. It moves away from the superficial celebrations often seen in political circles and instead focuses on genuine gratitude and communal reflection. It highlights the importance of aligning political milestones with the spiritual and emotional journeys of the people. This approach fosters a deeper connection between the government and its citizens, ensuring that progress is not just measured in infrastructural terms but also the improved well-being and satisfaction of the populace.

As Plateau State gathers for this momentous Thanksgiving, it stands as a beacon of hope and a model of genuine gratitude. The event underscores the power of faith, unity, and purposeful leadership in transforming a community. It is a celebration of answered prayers and a solemn commitment to continued progress. Governor Caleb Mutfwang’s leadership is a testament to what can be achieved when a government truly listens to and serves its people. The Thanksgiving on the 2nd of June 2024 will not only mark a significant milestone in Plateau State’s history but also inspire other regions to strive for governance that prioritizes the genuine aspirations and well-being of its people.


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