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Rt. Hon Ahmed Idris Wase; A Legislator For All Constituencies – Editorial


In a developing country like Nigeria, where there is ever increasing demand for scarce resources and pressure on rare opportunities in a third world nation characterized by high level of employment for the overpopulated citizens, greed and selfishness, the quest to be modestly parochial is almost a new normal.

The cycle of poverty keeps growing with all its attendant consequences even as the rate of unemployment remains perpetually high. By giving mediocrity advantage over intelligence through nepotism and cronyism, intellectual capital, which is the bulwark of development and advancement, has continued to result in social chaos, pandemonium, hullabaloo, civil disobedience and general violent political disagreements.

In a country, diagnosed with leadership bankruptcy, the uncommon unifying leadership model of Rt Hon Ahmed Idris Wase comes handy and must be escalated to the front burner to help arrest the catastrophic leadership summersaults hinged on nepotism, favouritism and sectionalism that have bedevilled the nation. It is so bad that even clergymen, who by their calling are supposed to uphold the principles and virtues of all-inclusiveness have helplessly seen themselves championing segregation, sectionalism and sentiments.  

This is because everyone wants to satisfy, at least, his ethic, religious or political interest. However, with the entrance of Rt Hon Ahmed Idris Wase popularly known as Maje, a humble leader who is passionately driven by an unquenchable love for humanity without any bias into the leadership gap, all those were to change.

Rt. Hon Ahmed Idris Wase “Maje”, the Dual Deputy Speaker of the 9th National Assembly and ECOWAS Parliament. this Pan-Nigerian respectfully treats all people fairly, firmly and frankly without any ethnic, regional or religious bias

In a life of every progressive minded entity, there is always a time when it’s developmental mechanisms are restructured, remoulded and rebuilt to fine-tune it’s fundamental circumstances and Wase people hoped so dearly that Rt. Hon Ahmed Idris Wase will crave for Wase Federal Constituency a niche as the modern headlamp of political leadership, beaming with modern infrastructure and human capital development.

Constitutionally premeditated to be limited in his area of concentration – his immediate constituency, Rt Hon Ahmed Idris Wase whose sole aim of venturing into politics was to serve humanity has proven over and over again that constituency is just an immediate neighbourhood as constitutionally delineated while the provision of good governance, succour, empowerment and development of mankind are without boundaries. The only constituency Rt Hon Wase has is Humanity Federal Constituency.

Hon Wase has equally provided the necessary political leadership in the country as the 9th Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives and on the global stage as yet again, another Deputy Speaker of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Parliament. It suffices to mention that Rt Hon Wase is a symbol of position leadership who awaken people to their sense of responsibility as progressive patriots who have enormous task of rebuilding our nation. 

Rt Hon Wase has effortlessly turned the relatively abandoned vast virgin landmass of Waseto a palace of good portable water, wealth creation and economic growth glowing with street lights at night and smooth roads by day. Wase today is a home to Nigeria Police Academy, Federal Medical Centre, National Open University and numerous other accomplishments that have seen the world relocated to Wase either as workers, students seeking knowledge or as patients in dire need of medical care

These are sandwiched by prominent Federal Government projects that before now were exclusive reservations for city centres. Before the advent of a purposeful redirection of pace and qualitative infrastructural development by the soft spoken Legislator, Rt. Hon Ahmed Idris Wase, the Federal Constituency only boasted of the famous Wase Rock and landmass without a single Federal Government Institution, Ministry, Department or Agency.

Inspired by his widely acknowledged political mentor, late Chief Solomon Daushep Lar, an exemplary emancipator and a courageous politician who was highly principled and believe strongly in justice and fairness, Rt Hon Ahmed Idris Wase has threatened to surpass the legacies of the political sage with his Infrastructural Transformation, Legislative Legacies, Political Leadership and Permutations, human capital development and good governance that know no bounds.

Rt Hon Wase was the lion that roared when an emir needed one to amplify its name and place it on the global political landscape, and it was due to his exemplary leadership that that thrives on embracing challenges, seeking feedback, fostering connections, and cultivating understanding that he was able to create for himself a permanent seat of honour at the table of modern history

An epitome of humility inbuilt with cheerful smiles and a perfect blend of justice and empathy, Rt. Hon Wase treat everyone he comes across with outmost respect and dignity. His countless human capital development across age, tribe, religion, region and political inclinations cement his status as a legislator for all constituencies

The next challenge before everyone is; how do we sustain the germination of more palaces without the architect who designed, constructed and commissioned them? Wase Federal Constituency and indeed all constituencies obviously need Rt. Hon Ahmed Idris Wase come 2027 and beyond, either as a parliamentarian or in a bigger capacity. He’s certainly someone history will remember kindly because his achievements shall definitely outlive him

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