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Senator Napoleon Binkap Bali Attends TAROSA Unijos Cultural Day, Rallies Cry for Excellence and Identity


Distinguished Senator Napoleon Binkap Bali, Air Vice Marshal (Rtd), a man whose reputation paves the way for him has issued a clarion call meant to inspire the custodians of the future, Tarok Students of the University of Jos during the association’s 2024 Cultural Day celebration held on Saturday, 25th May, 2024 at the Senate Chambers of the Faculty of Social Sciences

Senator Bali, an illustrious figure adorned with distinctions both military and political, a mentor for the young minds within and outside the Tarok nation said “my esteemed young scholars, inheritors of the Tarok legacy!” he began, his eyes sweeping across the sea of fresh faces, aglow with the fervour of national pride and the relentless pursuit of knowledge.

“Today, I address you, not just as a retired Air Vice Marshal or a Senator, but as a proud son of the Tarok soil, here to remind you of the indelible heritage that animates our collective spirit.”

“You, the bright young minds gracing the halls of this noble institution, are tasked with a dual mandate, firstly, to strive for academic excellence – to immerse yourselves in your chosen fields, to harness the vast reservoirs of knowledge and innovation, and rise as the leading lights of our nation.”

“And secondly, “you must carry the torch of our Tarok identity with boundless pride. You are the ambassadors of our customs and our language; the guardians of our history and our future—and only by embracing this role can you truly ascend to greatness.”

While appreciating the leadership of TAROSA led by Comrade Miri Pirnap Nyantau aka Pastor, the gentle general cum political bride of Plateau Southern Senatorial Zone concluded that “distinguish yourselves here, within the intellectual altar of the University of Jos, and take forth your heritage with dignity”.

“Stand on my shoulders, stand on the shoulders of those who walked before you, and leap into a future where academic prowess and cultural pride converge.”

Highlight of the event was the presentation of awards to some deserving Tarok people and a fundraising for the acquisition of the association’s land where Sen Bali donated handsomely


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