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BREAKING NEWS: Arc Samuel Nanchang Jatau, SGS Plateau State Meets NUPENG, NARTO, Tankers Drivers Association, Averts Unions Strike Over The Enforcement Of Executive Order 003


Arc Samuel Nanchang Jatau, FNIA, Secretary to the Government of Plateau State, on Friday, 22nd March, 2024 met with the trio of National Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers, NUPENG, National Association of Road Transport Owners, NARTO and Tankers Drivers Association in the State at the new Government House, Little Rayfield. The three unions had threatened to embark on strike to protest their displeasure with some provisions of the Executive Order 003 signed by Governor Caleb Mannaseh Mutfwang.

The Executive Order www.pointblank.com.ng gathers, strives to counter developmental challenges such as inadequate and decaying infrastructure, lack of public facilities, and insufficient housing. It mandates the enhancement of existing social and economic services while ensuring the speedy implementation of new projects aimed at elevating the city’s development trajectory.

The Executive Order 003 also seeks to arrest the daily reoccurrence of accident caused by trucks particularly around Polo Round About and other areas by restricting their movements in the city centre between 6am – 9pm. The Executive Order 003 which has come into law on March, 19, 2024 also sets out to stop the indiscriminate parking of vehicles along the metropolis roads, enhance sanitation and reduce environmental degradation.

As expected, values and ideas which challenge the status quo and dominant vested interests for the long term of the people have never been received cheerfully across board. NUPENG, NARTO and Tankers Drivers on the Plateau didn’t receive this with red carpets and consequently, declared a total and comprehensive strike to commence today.

This was despite series of consultative meetings held between Jos Metropolitan Development Board, JMDB, Plateau Environmental and Sanitation Protection Agency, PEPSA and the Unions to educate and seek their cooperation before the commencement of enforcement

Note ready to add to the already pathetic living conditions of Plateau Ciziens worsened by the removal of petroleum subsidy, Arc Jatau waded in through a well attended meeting with the three unions to avert the strike which would have made petroleum products excessively expensive in the state.

Speaking to www.pointblank.com.ng after the meeting at the New Government House, Rayfield Comr Yawale Mohammed, Chairman, NUPENG, Plateau State Chapter said “the dialogue we had with the SGS was meaningful, peaceful and progressive. We (the three Unions) initially planned to embark on strike today to cut supply of petroleum products to the state because of how we are maltreated but our meeting with him (Arc Jatau) has afforded us the opportunity to hear government’s view and we are quite contented with it. Infact I have just directed that filling stations where products were not offloaded should be offloaded. We have equally suspended our planned strike till Monday, 25th March, 2024 when we reconvene again”. Applauding the government scibe’s administrative acumen, Comr Mohammed noted that “the SGS showed that he is a father and a passionate lover of Plateau State. We pray God to continue to guide him and give us success on the Plateau”

Alh Muhammadu Tanko, National Association of Road Transport Owners, NARTO Chairman, Plateau State said who also spoke to www.pointblank.com.ng lamented that “things that are happening on the Plateau are not in order. Sincerely, there is no unity, the GM of JMDB (Arc Hart Bankat) called us for a meeting earlier but we didn’t quite understand ourselves”.

He however said “until today that the government deemed it fit to dialogue with us. We informed the government through Arc Nanchang Samuel Jatau, FNIA, our concerns and reservations”.

“Initially we (NARTO) were prepared to embark on strike and protest against the implementation of Executive Order 003 but the SGS has pleaded with us to suspend any action and reconvene on Monday, March 25, 2024. In fact, we salute his leadership model because of his understanding and explanation made to us” he concluded

Alh Tanko cautioned that “to be honest with you, there are a lot of things that need to be reconsidered and due to the intervention of the SGS, we vow to support this government holistically until everyone is surprised by our level of cooperation, insha allah”

Arc Samuel Nanchang Jatau, FNIA, Secretary to the Government of Plateau State in a group photograph with the Three Unions

Collaborating the views of his sisters unions, Alh Sule Yaro, Chairman, Heavy Trucks Drivers Plateau State told www.pointblank.com.ng that “We brought our plea to the government through the SGS based on the restriction of heavy trucks placed by the government. Alhmadullahi, the SGS gave us good listening ears, wiped away our tears and promised us that where there are genuine concerns, they will be corrected”.

“Though we know that we won’t get all our concerns addressed but we are optimistic of a favourable review of the policy that will ensure a smooth working relationship. We are indeed grateful” he frankly submitted

Since the commencement of the Executive Order 003, citizens have expressed statisfaction with it expressing optimism that the serene landscape of plateau shall be returned with high cleanliness that makes Jos a tourist haven.  

Samuel Habila reports for Pointblank News Blog from Little Rayfield, Jos


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