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Inequality, Unfairness And Injustice, Primary Causes of Insecurity – Dangle Domlyat


Lack of justice, inequality before the law and the inability to treat all manners of men fairly without discrimination and preference in the society have been identified as major causes for violence and civil disorder.

In an exclusive interview with www.pointblank.com.ng, at the weekend, a Security expert, Mr Dangle Domlyat popularly known as “Mr Jailer” said “Inequality generally affects the level of trust, participation, attitude and behavior of an individual in a society.
Inequality and unfairness or unfair treatment are integral part of injustice”.

He observed that when members of the society perceive sense of justice and fairness, they surrender totally to the government and won’t rebel against the government “Once a fellow feels he’s treatment fairly or just, there will be no point rebelling against the government or the society which he’s part and parcel”.

Emphasizing the causes of insecurity Mr Jailer buttressed that “a lot of security challenges we faced today are not caused by hardship alone, though it might be a secondary cause”

“Majorly, inequality and unfairness encourage, economic hardship, poverty, unemployment, violation of fundamental human rights, inadequate or lack of basic social needs, school dropout, drugs abuse, unlawful societies etc” said Domlyat

He lamented the inability of government and relevant stakeholders to get the narratives right. Saying like a medical doctor, without getting the diagnosis right, the prescriptions would have little or no effect on the sick patient.

“Unfortunately, these are some of the factors government and the society are focused on when trying to tackle insecurity, forgetting the most important and primary factor, which is the inequality, unfairness and injustice. When you study carefully a society or nations that have attended some level of equality, fairness and justice in treating their citizens, the country or that particular nation seems to experience less security challenges compared to a country like ours” he concluded


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